YouTube censors John Piper's audio e book "Coronavirus and Christ"

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YouTube has censored the audiobook version of the new book by reformed theologian John Piper, Coronavirus and Christ, and claims it violates "community standards".

The book offers six biblical answers to the question: What does God do with the corona virus?

"This video was removed for violating YouTube's community guidelines," said a message about the now blocked video from Piper, Chancellor of Bethlehem College & Seminary, Minnesota, and founder of

According to Disrn, the video was viewed over 187,000 times in about five weeks when it stayed on the platform. It was released on April 8th and blocked last Friday.

An archived version of the audiobook is still available here and in the Crossway Podcast here.

The censorship came amid an appeal by 22 military chaplains to "discipline" a high-ranking army chaplain and possibly face a court martial for sending an email with a copy of the e-book to nearly three dozen other chaplains. Coronavirus and Christ.

The 22 military chaplains, some of whom are from the LGBT community, had a problem with the book because it states that "some people are infected with the corona virus because of their sinful attitudes and actions as God's specific judgment".

Representing the 22nd, the Military Religious Freedom Foundation, which is committed to the strict separation of church and state within the U.S. military, urged Secretary of Defense Mark Esper, Col. Chaplain Col. Moon H. Kim, the U.S. Army Garrison Humphreys chaplain, punish the largest U.S. military facility outside the U.S. in South Korea.

The complainants, MRFF said, "do not subscribe to John Piper's ultra-conservative / reformed / evangelical Christian theology."

In a section entitled "Examples of Certain Judgments on Certain Sins," Piper wrote that an example is "the sin of homosexual intercourse," referring to Romans 1:27, in which the apostle Paul states that "men who commit shameless acts with men, "received the punishment for their mistake."

"This & # 39; appropriate punishment & # 39; is the painful effect & # 39; in itself & # 39; of your sin," Piper wrote. "This & # 39; due punishment & # 39; is just one example of the judgment of God that we see in Romans 1:18, where it says: & # 39; God's wrath is revealed from heaven against all godlessness and injustice of the People who through their injustice suppress the truth. "Although not all suffering is a specific judgment for certain sins, it is one."

A copy of Kim's email containing the PDF sent to the chaplains was reviewed by The Christian Post. In the text of the email, Kim wrote to other chaplains that he wanted to share the short book with them.

"This book has helped me realign my sacred calling to my Savior Jesus Christ to become strong," wrote Kim. "Hopefully this little booklet would help you and your soldiers, your families, and others you serve."

MRFF claims that the book was "clearly intended as a full confirmation and endorsement of what the book advocates and promotes"

Led by MPs Collins (R-Ga.) And Doug Lamborn (R-Colo.), She and 18 other members of the Republican House signed a joint letter requesting the Pentagon to protect the religious freedom of the service members before the Demands of an "anti" to protect -religion "group.

Piper also responded to the problem in a 17-minute audio interview published online.

"I think it would be fair to say that some of my views on what the Bible actually teaches hate the author of this letter. He hates what I think," said Piper, referring to MRFF founder Mikey Weinstein . "& # 39; You are & # 39 ;, he says, & # 39; Brand & # 39 ;, & # 39; bigott & # 39 ;, & # 39; vulgar & # 39; – not only because he misunderstands, but partly because he understands, and so he thinks and feels about something that is taught in the Bible.

"I think all of these views are true because they are what the Bible teaches, and therefore they are very valuable to know," said Piper. "I think it's not just that he misunderstands, but that he does some things right in these quotes and he just doesn't like them."

Piper said there are three areas in which Weinstein appears to misrepresent his stance, either in the letter to Esper or in an earlier interview with The Christian Post. "For example, when I say that" some people get infected with the coronavirus as a specific judgment of God because of their sinful attitudes and actions, "he assumes that I know who these people are, or at least what kind of people they are, "said Piper.

"But here's what I write on page 72. … The coronavirus is … never a clear and simple punishment for someone. The loving, most witty Christian, whose sins are forgiven by Christ, can die from the coronavirus. But it is appropriate for each of us to search our own hearts to see if our suffering is God's judgment of our way of life. "

Courtesy of the Christian Post.

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