Witness Safety Assortment: Books 1 – Three by H. L. Wegley

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Three clean, independent novels with romantic tension.

Book 1 – Not a Safe Place
When Randi, a world-class medium-distance runner, literally meets Matt on a path in Olympic National Park, she thinks she has found someone who can help heal her heart. But she learns that Matt has secrets that threaten both her heart and her life. Matt is a lost man trying to get home from the far country, but how much is he willing to give to restore his honor?

No Safe Place is a clean, action-packed, romantically exciting story that races from the scenic beaches of Olympic National Park to the beauty of Lake Chelan in Central Washington. A story of courage, honor, faith, forgiveness and love.

Book 2 – No True Justice
They forced Gemma Saint to witness protection, not to protect her, but to silence her.

After Gemma, a young intern at an influential media company, testified in a high-profile case, corrupt DOJ officials force her to WITSEC to silence her. When Gemma testified in a new trial, her elaborate conspiracy to control the upcoming presidential election was threatened. Gemma learns from her WITSEC inspector that her identity has been compromised and someone in the DOJ has sent a team to kill her.

Gemma asks Lex James, a young investigative journalist, for help and offers him the greatest story of his career. But Lex was recently given custody of the four-year-old twins of his late sister, Josh and Caleb. Sparks fly when Lex and Gemma meet and the boys see their mother in her. But can it endanger this fragile family? Should she run away and sacrifice her life and the course of her beloved country?

Lex also has difficult choices. But the gifted boys Josh and Caleb have their own opinions about what should happen, and it's not advisable to underestimate four-year-old boys with 200 IQs.

No True Justice is a clean, action-packed, romantically exciting story that takes place between the breathtaking canyons and rivers around Lake Billy Chinook in eastern Oregon.

Book 3 – No Going Back
If Drew West, a young man who looks very much like her dead father, offers protection to Beth Sanchez, will trusting him bring another massacre that will also cost her life? How can a young Central Oregon cowboy protect her from the vindictive leader of a drug cartel who wants to see her dead?

Drew has reasons to want to protect Beth, reasons that go deep to his heart and even deeper to his soul. No one in his care will ever be hurt again, regardless of the cost. But can he convince Beth or will she opt for witness protection?

No Turning Back takes place near Big Bend National Park and in central Oregon, near the Deschutes River. It is a clean, action-packed, romantically exciting story about love, courage and the senselessness of human revenge.


Absolutely excellent! I don't write too many reviews, although I am an avid reader because I feel that others express themselves better than I do. However, I only had to say that I just finished this collection of three novels in the WITNESS PROTECTION COLLECTION and found that they are exactly my way of reading. Action, suspense, a bit of romance, but most of all they were easy to read and followed all characters. Loved all three books!

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