Wholesome desserts will be scrumptious desserts from the Inspirational Staff at Shazzy Health – Bible Type

Wholesome desserts will be scrumptious desserts from the Inspirational Staff at Shazzy Health

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If you or your kids crave something sweet after dinner, do something sweet.

Of course, you might think, "Wait a minute. Sweets are not good for me or my children. Desserts are not healthy. How can you use the word "healthy" to describe desserts? The two just don't match. "

But you can.

In my house, healthy desserts are the mainstay at our table. I only bake on special occasions. And I have made it my rule not to buy sugary desserts and bring them to our house. A couple of times a year we might go to a favorite donut shop or a place with frozen yogurt. But that's about it.

I tend to keep an eye on the long run when it comes to my kids. I want to teach them behavior patterns that will serve them well when they grow up. Healthy eating is part of this plan. I would much rather introduce them to healthy desserts and then wait and see how they suffer from the consequences of years of unhealthy sweets. So I teach them how to eat desserts in a healthy way.

It's really okay to eat desserts regularly. Just keep added sugar off the menu. It will be a great workout for you and your kids as you continue to make choices for a healthier lifestyle.

Below are some of the foods that I replace for sugar-filled desserts.

Cut strawberriesCut fruit

My children are much more likely to eat fruit if I cut them. If you don't have time for so much work, but need to spend a little more money, look into the aisle of your favorite grocery store. You will likely have cut (and even peeled) fruit for sale in to-go containers.

Raisins, plums and dried fruit with no added sugar

Dried fruits are concentrated sweetness. I like to eat them slowly, one at a time, to enjoy the goodness and limit the amount I eat. There is more energy in a raisin than in a grape. Small things have a big impact.

Homemade trail mix

I recommend homemade so you can control what goes into your trail mix. But if time is an issue, buy it in the store. (Avoid only those with chocolates.) Trails offer a combination of flavors for those who like salty / sweet desserts. I use cashews, peanuts, walnuts, hazelnuts, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, pine nuts and raisins. Sometimes I use raw, sometimes roasted.

Apple sauce

Be sure to buy the type with no added sugar. And try different varieties. Some have mixed in fruit juices. Others use different apples for a different taste.

Frozen fruits

I can't say enough about frozen fruit. I used to buy it only to make smoothies. Then I noticed that my children reached into their pockets while I ran the blender. Then I realized that I could reduce my work simply by opening a bag of frozen fruit and leaving it on! My kids especially love frozen raspberries. They say it's like eating sour candy!

Berry Frozen fruits mixed with regular yogurt

Just before dinner starts, I scoop some yogurt into a bowl and fill it with the frozen berries that I have on hand. Then I put it in the fridge. The fruit just thaws a little and I have a wonderfully chilled dessert after dinner. If plain yogurt isn't your thing, try vanilla yogurt.

Other ideas:

  • Yogurt topped with muesli.
  • Kefir, which is available in different flavors.
  • Popsicles made entirely of fruit juice, either homemade or bought in the shop.
  • Greek yogurt with honey. It tastes (and feels) very like ice.

If you're looking for ways to experience sweet desserts without high fructose corn syrup or added sugar, without artificial flavors or colors, you'll find even more options than I've listed here.

The best part is that you can feel comfortable eating these types of desserts, and it will feel even better if your children enjoy them too.

Health-related desserts, what could be sweeter?

Elizabeth AnneElizabeth Anne, A Shazzy Fitness guest blogger discusses the joy that is possible in Jesus after abuse – verbal, sexual, physical, emotional, psychological, financial, religious, childlike, youthful, and marital abuse through books, lectures, and blog posts below MyNameIsElizabethAnne.com. With an honest and uplifting style of sharing, Elizabeth Anne loves to spread JOY!

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