What questions do younger folks ask and the way will we reply them?

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The Bible says we must be ready to share our faith with questions or opposition (1 Peter 3:15). This responsibility is particularly important for parents or others who teach God's Word to children. However, it can be quite a challenge to provide biblical answers to questions that young people, and especially young people, pose on many topical issues. Our extremely diverse society and its widespread use of social media confuse teenagers about sexual ethics, the reality and sovereignty of God, the certainty of heaven and even questions such as mental health and whether it is okay to get a tattoo. Young people encounter a variety of messages in their daily lives. Many of them contradict God's Word.

in the A.S.K .: Questions from the real world / Answers from real wordsPastor and apologist David Robertson answers fifty-two questions asked by real teenagers from around the world. Address dozens of topics, from Harry Potter to the gender of God to transgender lifestyles. ASK. is a central point of contact for parents and youth leaders who want to give biblical instructions on a variety of urgent topics.

Written in an engaging, accessible style, ASK. provides clear, easy-to-understand answers that help teenagers think biblically about many important topics. Each chapter contains an important biblical text, a discussion of the chapter, recommended reading on the subject, and a closing prayer.

If you want to help your children or young people in your church think biblically about critical issues, request a copy ASK. Today if you donate to Truth For Life.

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