Vows of Justice by Lynette Eason

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Revenge or justice?

Vow Of Justice by Lynette Eason is a stunningly good Christian contemporary thriller tension that I just couldn't put down. It is the fourth book in the Blue Justice series. I really enjoyed following the St. John family as they work together to defeat corruption, murder and greed.

In this book, the past catches up with the present. Things that are pushed deep inside have to appear and face up to move freely into the future.

There are always decisions to be made. We always have the opportunity to do the right thing.

Revenge or justice? This is the question that is examined in the novel. We have to make sure that we seek justice and not revenge that we plan.

Life draws us to or away from God. He longs for us to communicate with him all the time and he's big enough to endure all of our emotional outbursts. "God had gone deaf because her desperate requests hadn't taken her anywhere." God is not deaf. Sometimes it's us who don't listen to his answers. God always answers prayers at the perfect time. "God has a way … to speak to you when you need it." God knows exactly what we need and when.

This Blue Justice series was absolutely fantastic. I greedily swallowed up all four books pretty quickly. My nerves were tested, my heart was racing and I had a great time. Lynette Eason is a fabulous writer who knows how to construct and tell a wonderful story.

I got this book for free. A positive rating was not required and all views expressed are my own.


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