Variety of days from Darryl Ross

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What if time could speak to let us know?
When we stop, we go
Would you count the days and think about it sore?
Or sing God's praise and know there is more

The number of days explores eternity in the life of a boy who has a gift with numbers. Christopher sees numbers as people, with each number having gender and personality. After the tragic death of a young girl he venerates, he questions God's fairness. With the help of an unlikely hero, he begins to understand that humans were made to last.


I love this book and cannot say enough about how rich it is. When I grew up in a small town in the 1960s, it brought back so many memories and feelings that I hadn't thought about in years. Although it was written with the eyes of a boy, it is not necessarily a children's book. It's deeper than that, but still light enough for a young person. as much as the gospel so. You will not want to take it off and you will want more. You'll read it far too quickly, but try to go slow and record it. The end just blew me away!

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