Unwavering obedience – each day treasure

Unwavering obedience – each day treasure

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What she said! Part 1: Unwavering obedience

By Lisa McHeard, guest author


According to the prior knowledge of God the Father, in the sanctification of the Spirit, for obedience to Jesus Christ and for sprinkling with his blood: may grace and peace be multiplied for you. -1 Peter 1: 2 ESV

My obedience does not deserve my salvation, but it proves it. Obedience is the physical evidence of the spiritual transformation that took place when God binds the righteousness of Christ to me as if it were my own. In fact, apart from the accomplished work of Jesus Christ, it is impossible for me to be really obedient. It is his perfect life that gives me the right to seek God. and his willing death, which wins my freedom to live in a way that pleases God.

Have that spirit among you that is yours in Christ Jesus, who, although in the form of God, did not see equality with God as something that he could grasp, but emptied himself by taking the form of a servant in which he was born the likeness of men. And when he was found in human form, he humiliated himself by being obedient to death, even death on the cross. -Philippians 2: 6-8 ESV

Note the word for just before the word obedience in 1 Peter 1: 2 in today's treasure. We are sanctified for obedience. Christian life is not an obligation for convenience. It is not a hobby. Left to ourselves, we would never have the natural will or desire to seek God alone. He calls us to himself and tells us to imitate Jesus. God's will makes us Christians and obedience to him is proof that we appreciate it. There is only one blueprint you can build from. Compliance with Christ's obedience is the model, structure, and sole goal of our Christian life. So we were invited to come at all.

Everything we call justice apart from him is simply whitewashed over the dirty facade of our own self-sufficiency and arrogance. Nothing in us can achieve what he did for us – no strength of character, no hard determination, no pure desire. However, this does not prevent us from building with straw and sticks. A tough train of challenge and our flimsy attempts to look obedient are falling. Persistent obedience can only be achieved through sanctification of the spirit and imitation of the pristine example of the son. His perfect agreement with the Father's will is the yardstick by which every other obedience is measured.

In fact, I count everything as a loss because it is more than worth knowing Christ Jesus, my Lord. For his sake I suffered the loss of all things and counted them as garbage so that I could win Christ and be found in him without having my own righteousness that comes from the law, but rather that that comes from believing in Christ , the righteousness of God that depends on faith – so that I know him and the power of his resurrection and share his sufferings and how he becomes in his death so that I can reach the resurrection from the dead in every possible way. -Philippians 3: 8-11 ESV


Obedience is not always easy. The most striking example of true obedience is Christ in the garden of Gethsemane. Fulfilling God's mandate to die for sin that was not his was so difficult that Jesus sweated blood. I don't have to like what God calls me to glorify by obedience. I just have to be ready to hold on to his honor and to say with Jesus: "Not my will, but your will."


Lisa McHeard Acts as coordinator of the Women's Department for the PCA's New York State Presbytery. She loves writing and is currently completing a prayer for the Gospel of Mark. Lisa is married to Ken McHeard, the pastor-in-chief of the Duanesburg Reformed Presbyterian Church, where she happily serves by his side.

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