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UK information coming quickly

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Mite the cat from a business book of the Beaulieu Abbey from 1270The Hampshire cat may be the first pet recorded in the UK

A DRAWING from a ledger at Beaulieu Abbey in Hampshire is said to be the earliest domesticated animal recorded in Britain. The picture from the book The Animal’s Companion: People and their Pets, a 26,000-year-old love story by FirstVet and animal historian Jacky Colliss Harvey, dates from 1270 and shows a cat named Mite.

The plotter of St. Paul's Cathedral has been imprisoned for life

37-year-old Safiyya Shaikh, who was planning a bomb attack on St. Paul's Cathedral, was sentenced to life in prison for at least 14 years. Ms. Shaikh, a Muslim convert since 2007, Michelle Ramsden, was charged with preparing terrorist acts and distributing terrorist publications in October (News, October 28, 2019) and found guilty in February of having planned the building during Christmas or Christmas bombing Easter service. She was thwarted in an undercover police operation during her attempts (News, February 28).

Bishop and Rabbi commit to support trans people

Rev. Paul Bayes, Bishop of Liverpool and Rabbi Laura Janner-Klausner, Chief Rabbi for Reform Judaism, released a joint statement last week declaring their support for trans people and condemning "derogatory" terms, with which they are described. “Our faith forces us to speak on the sidelines for those who want to silence others or misrepresent others. We believe that the time for a weakening of the rhetoric in this area of ​​our life together is long overdue so that trans people can actually be seen as people, people who long to live their lives without prejudice or fear. "

September deadline for sabbatical awards

ECCLESIASTICAL INSURANCE has launched its annual scholarship program for the ministry to provide financial support to clergymen who take sabbaticals for “soulful rest and refreshment”. The prizes are open to individual clergymen in the Anglican churches in England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland. All clergymen must have been ordained for at least ten years and have not completed a Sabbath year in the seven years prior to application. All applicants for a 2021 scholarship must complete the application forms by September 30. The contributions will be assessed in November and the awards ceremony in December. The forms can be downloaded from

Housing plans for Blackburn and Mottingham are supported

BLACKBURN CATHEDRAL and St. Edward the Confessor, Mottingham in southeast London, are to receive technical support from the LivShare housing consultancy to use their land and buildings to provide housing for people outside the housing market. They were among the winners of the Innovative Built Solutions competition organized by the Archbishop of Canterbury's Commission for Housing, Church and Community and funded by the Allchurches Trust.

Charity collects £ 5 million during the ban

The charity for Christian philanthropy stewardship raised nearly £ 5m, which was distributed to 88 churches and charities across the UK to respond to needy people and communities during the Covid-19 outbreak. Charities of between £ 10,000 and £ 250,000 have been awarded to show that they are able to provide "immediate influence" to groups such as BAME, victims of domestic violence, ex-offenders and people with addiction problems.

New preacher for the Charterhouse

THE Charterhouse, the poor house and former medieval monastery in London, has appointed 74-year-old Canon Ann Clarke, who was previously an associate priest in Wanstead in the Diocese of Chelmsford, the new preacher. The position, which dates back to 1611, includes pastoral care for the residents known as brothers and their community, and the development of the range of the Charterhouse in Islington and the city (Features January 13, 2017).

Bishop Platten becomes master of stationery

The Stationers & # 39; Company has become the first master in its history to become a priest and alumnus of the Stationers & # 39; Company appointed. He is Rt. Rev. Stephen Platten, a former Bishop of Wakefield who joined the paint shop in 2005. His post will include recruiting additional international members and overseeing the renovation of the Stationers & # 39; Company main hall.

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