Two issues you need to be taught from COVID-19

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Two things you should learn from COVID-19

Those who predicted 2020 would be the year of change probably wouldn't have thought it would be that different. The COVID-19 health crisis has turned the world upside down. Everyday life and worries were drastically interrupted. Many businesses and personal plans were suddenly discarded. Everywhere people had doubts and fears. There is panic in the air. There is unresolved anger. There is unimaginable selfishness.

It is like breaking new ground. For the observer and introspective, life is full of daily discoveries and insights.

Here are two of them:

1. Life is uncertain.

When you are young or busy with work or activities, you often take your health and wellbeing for granted. You think tomorrow will be what you expect. You think you are in control of your life. You seem certain that you have the time and resources to plan and run your business the way you want.

In this time of global crisis, remember that life is uncertain even for Christians. James 4:14 rightly says that you don't know what will happen tomorrow. As for your life, it's like a vapor that's here today and gone tomorrow.

What do we learn from this? We learn that we should enjoy life as it comes. We should appreciate every moment. We shouldn't miss an opportunity. We shouldn't take the important things and people in our lives for granted. We should count and enjoy our blessings. We should follow King Solomon's advice in Ecclesiastes 3:12. People should "be happy and have fun while they are alive, and that everyone should eat and drink and enjoy all their work, because these things are a gift from God."

2. People have neglected their families.

familyIt's easy to spend your time and energy on other things while neglecting your family. People are busy living their lives and living outside their own family. People pursue their passion and pursuit and don't realize how much they separate from their own families.

As governments began enforcing barriers, concerns about issues such as domestic violence grew. People were now forced to stay at home and be with their parents, children, spouses and siblings. And they didn't know how to deal with it. Families had a hard time getting along. From time to time you heard news of high profile celebrities leaving their homes. They couldn't stand being with their partners. It was just too difficult.

What do we learn from this? We learn that the family is still the core unit of society. It is the primary and fundamental relationship that we have in this world. And if there is potential to improve family relationships, we should make every effort to achieve this. The main place of the Christian for growth and service is the family's residence. Here you can use the "each other" commands of the Bible. Love each other. Pray for one another. Forgive one another. Serve one another.

In fact, the current pandemic is teaching us again that life is uncertain and that people tend to neglect their families. So let us remember that life and family are very valuable investments. Keep these two treasures. Let them thrive. And more importantly, bathe them with love, care, and prayers. Your efforts guarantee profitable returns.

Ana Menez
Ana Menez,
A Shazzy Fitness guest blogger works with a nonprofit training and equipment organization. She is passionate about studying and teaching Christian growth resources. She is also a freelance writer by profession. “Practical Christianity” is a topic that she likes to write about and that she shares with people.

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