Timeless Moments by Michelle Kidd

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What’s hidden in the dark will be brought to light . . .

When Jewel Wiltshire marries, she vows to love, honor, and obey. Little does she know that her husband’s secrets will push her faith far beyond anything she can imagine. For two years she remains a prisoner until a mysterious stranger appears offering friendship and hope.

Jack Vines has the Victorian home of his dreams–or so it seems until he discovers an intriguing beauty lurking in the shadows. Stunned, he finds they share the house but live a century apart. She is a prisoner of the past, shrouded in a world of dark mysteries. He holds the keys that will protect their future. When her letters suddenly stop, can he unravel the mystery that threatens to alter both their lives forever?

Timeless Moments is a spine-tingling suspense laced with faith and love that you won’t want to put down. This stirring novel seamlessly weaves together two characters in an intricate balance of emotion and hope that all things are possible.


This is not your typical love, time travel, try to stay awake story. Michelle expertly crafts each scene so that the reader feels they are standing right there in the living room, feeling the warmth from the fireplace. The dialogue fits each character perfectly giving the sense that you are listening instead of reading. Her characters are so lifelike and believable you will end up feeling as if you have known them all of your life. Time travel is a little far fetched I’ll admit but I am a believer now and you would be to if you read this wonderful enchanting tale. How this author brought this all together is beyond me. At no point in this book was I able to even come close to guessing the outcome. And when it arrived and made perfect sense, I was blown away.

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