Throw all of your cares on the Lord – glowing gems from the Greek

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Cast all your worries on the Lord!

Throw all your worries on him; because he cares about you.
– 1 Peter 5: 7

Many years ago when we set up a huge ecclesiastical institution in the Republic of Latvia – a former Soviet nation where our family once lived and worked – worries and fears tried so hard to control me. In fact, I was almost broken by worry until I really understood and accepted the meaning of 1 Peter 5: 7.

At the time, no credit was available to build churches in that nation. This meant that we had to believe that all finances would come in quickly so that we could pay cash while building the huge facility. Then the local authorities gave us a deadline by which the building had to be completed and occupied; Otherwise, there was a chance we could lose everything we invested. With all this pressure, I always worried that we wouldn't have enough money to complete the project on time. I kept struggling with thoughts of losing the building if we didn't meet the deadline the government had given us.

I lay in bed at night, rolling back and forth, turning around again and again and couldn't sleep because my stomach was churned by acid and my thoughts turned with doubts, worries, fears, reservations and worries. My heart pounded harder and harder every day and night as fear reached out its demonic fingers to seize my feelings and turn them into a mangled mess of panic. My wife told me to stop worrying and trust the Lord, but instead of appreciating her advice, I just got mad that she wasn't worried about me!

Finally one night I got up and went down the hall to my study, opened my Bible, and read these words: "Put all your worries on him; for he cares about you." I had read this verse a thousand times in my life, but that night it was like reaching out of the pages of the Bible and grabbing my attention. I've read it and read it and reread it. I finally took my Greek New Testament and began delving deeper into the verse. What I discovered in this verse changed my life and freed me from worries, fears, fears and fears!

That night I saw that the word "casting" used in 1 Peter 5: 7 was the Greek word epiripto, a combination of the words epi and ripto. The word epi means on, as on something. The word ripto means to hurl, toss, or toss, and it often means to forcibly toss or toss something with great force.

The only other place that this word epiripto is used in the New Testament is in Luke 19:35, where the Bible says, "And they brought him to Jesus; and they threw their clothes on the foal and put Jesus there. " It is important to note this passage as it correctly reflects the idea of ​​the word epiripto, which in secular literature often depicts the hurling of a garment, bag, or excess weight from the shoulders of a traveler onto the back of another animal like a donkey , a camel or a horse.

We are not designed to bear the burden of worry, anger, and fear. This stress is just too much for the human body and central nervous system to tolerate. We may be able to do it for a while, but at some point the physical body and mind will collapse under this kind of constant pressure. Indeed, the medical world has confirmed that stress and pressure are the main source of disease in the Western Hemisphere. Humans were simply not made to bear pressure, stress, fears and worries. This is the reason why his body collapses when exposed to these negative influences for too long.

If you are struggling with illness or depression, your condition could possibly be related to stress and pressure. At 1 Peter 5: 7 it is almost as if Jesus were calling to you and saying, "Your shoulders are not big enough to carry the burdens you are trying to carry yourself. That burden will eventually break you – so please let ME be your beast of burden! Take this load and lift it with all your might. Throw it on MY back and let ME carry it for you! "As Luke 19:35 says that they throw their clothes on the back of the donkey, you must now throw your burdens on the Lord and let Him carry those burdens for you!

But what exactly are the problems and worries we should throw on the shoulders of the Lord? The apostle Peter says we should all throw "our worries" on Jesus. The word "cares" is the Greek word merimna, which means fear. In principle, however, it has described any suffering, difficulty, difficulty, misfortune, difficulty or complicated circumstance that arises from problems that develop in our life. It could be financial, marital, job-related, family-related, business-related, or any other issue that affects us.

This means that whatever worries or troubles you – regardless of why it happened – it has to be thrown on the shoulders of Jesus Christ! Nothing is too big or too small to talk to the Lord about it, says Peter, because He "cares for you". The word "careth" comes from the Greek melei, which means "to be concerned". be thoughtful; to be interested in; to be aware; to notice; or to give painful and meticulous attention. Peter uses this word to reassure us that Jesus really cares about us and the things that hit our hearts hard. In fact, he's paying close attention to what is happening to us. He is interested in every facet of our life.

So never let the devil tell you that your problems are too stupid, small, or insignificant to bring them to Jesus. The Lord is interested in everything that concerns you!

Because of the Greek words used in 1 Peter 5: 7, this verse contains the following idea:

"Take this heavy burden, difficulty or challenge that you carry – the one that has arisen because of circumstances that have created difficulties and struggles in your life – and throw those worries and fears on the back of the Lord! Let him they carry for you! The Lord cares deeply about every facet of your life and is genuinely concerned about your well-being. "

As I saw these Greek words and realized how much Jesus cared about the burdens that were on my heart, I realized that I was carrying a burden that I did not have to carry alone. Jesus stood right by my side, longing to help me, and invited me to shift the weight from my shoulders to his shoulders. By faith, I have thrown these financial worries on Jesus' back – and when I did that I was relieved of the stress, fear, and pressures that weighed on me at that time in my life.

You don't have to carry all the weight of the world on your own. Jesus loves you so much and is so concerned about you and the difficulties you face that today he calls you: "Throw these burdens on me. Let me carry them for you so that you can be free!"

If you are worried, worried, or worried about your family, business, church, or any other area in your life, stop right now and say, "Jesus, I give each of these worries after you today. I have my burden threw you and I thank you for setting me free! "


Lord, thank you for what I read today. I regret having borne these burdens and worries alone for so long when you were actually always ready to take them away from me and carry them on my behalf. But it's never too late to do the right thing. So now I choose to give in to you on any of these matters that bothers me. Thank you for being by my side to take these weights off my shoulders. Because you love me so and are attentive, I can now walk freely!

I pray this in Jesus name!


I confess that Jesus is right by my side, longing to help me and inviting me to shift the weight from my shoulders to his shoulders so that I can walk freely! By faith I have already thrown my worries on Jesus. As a result, I am relieved of stress, anxiety, worry, pressure and all the other things that bothered me!

I explain this by believing in the name of Jesus!


  1. Do you usually worry and get angry about certain things? What are the topics that preoccupy you more than anything?
  2. Are you able to pass these worries on to the Lord, or do you keep provoking thoughts of fear that rekindle the anger and worry even after you have passed those worries on to the Lord?
  3. What triggers worry, anger and fear in you? Have you noticed any key word, phrase, or event when worry and anger start to work in you? Recognizing these moments can help prevent them from recurring. Therefore, think carefully about which situations arouse these emotions in you.

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