Three methods to not really feel lonely when the inspiring Shazzy Health workforce distances itself socially

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With the spread of the corona virus, which drastically shifts our lives to a new (and temporary!) Normal, we are constantly reminded to practice social distancing, which can lead to feelings of loneliness or isolation. I've been at home with my family for about two weeks now, and I wanted to give you some tips on how to combat these feelings and instead promote a sense of connectedness.

1. Spend time with God

    Some of my favorite moments are when I sit down with my Bible and my diary and just talk to God. Especially in times like these, when we can feel helpless or fearful, it is encouraging to be able to open God's Word and to be reminded that "God is our refuge and strength, omnipresent help in trouble" (Psalm 46: 1 NIV)). Praying to the Lord and pouring out our praise, burdens, joys and fears is like talking to your best friend about what's going on in your life, except that this best friend has all the time in the world and only afterwards yearns to hear from you.

    2. Video call of a loved one

      Video callIf you want to speak to your best friend, plan on time to call a friend or family member and catch up with them. Since many of us have been taken out of their everyday lives, which may include school, work, church, gym, or social activities, it is important to keep in touch with the people we would normally see during our day or week. Ask them how they feel about the corona virus, but also ask them about everyday things like a hobby they tried or a project they worked on. If you are just having a conversation that is not just about the news, people feel normal on both ends of the call and you are in a happier mood to show it.

      3. Get out!

      sit in front of the houseNature is a great way to clear your head and get some fresh air. Fortunately, the virus is much less likely to spread outdoors. So take the opportunity to enjoy nature. If we are aware that we have to keep a safe physical distance from other people and to have good hygiene practices, leaving our four walls can be a nice reminder that we are all together, even though we are socially distant.

        There is no doubt that now more than ever, we need the internet to stay connected. Thank you for coming to our corner of the web so we can talk! Social distancing is important, but I'm not a big fan of the term because we don't have to be socially isolated just because we're physically separate. Keep in mind that your simple act of staying at home helps prevent it from spreading, which will make everyone return to normal earlier. Even if life looks a little different than usual, we don't have to go through it alone.

        Sunitha KonathamSunitha Konatham, A Shazzy Fitness guest blogger is a college student and freelance writer who loves to spread joy and encouragement by writing about faith, health, music, and the little moments that make life a little sweeter on her blog: "For this moment."

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