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Everyone around me knows that I have a huge sweet tooth. Cakes, cupcakes, brownies, cookies and my absolute favorite … Reese & # 39; s cups have been an integral part of my weekly diet for years.

For years I had to have something sweet almost every day. Fortunately, this never really turned out to be very weighty, but I knew that having too much influence on my daily feeling and causing further problems, as my doctor already had to remind me that my family had high blood pressure and diabetes.

With this in mind, I decided to face a candy free challenge for 1 month. I wanted to be very strict and stop drinking sugar, but since I live in Korea, reading labels and knowing what is on the shelves of food (even at my average Korean level) is confusing to know.

Cutting out all of the above was a fair challenge for me. Maybe it could be another meal for you that you should cut out.

Although my wife, friends and family never believed I could do it, I actually mastered the challenge and walked a little longer until my girlfriend had a birthday party and made her famous red velvet cupcakes!

Here are some of the benefits that I experienced during my challenge.

Walking in natureIt was pretty rough the first week, but after overcoming this hump, it was amazing how much more energy I had during the day and right after I woke up. I'm notoriously sluggish right after waking up, so it was surprising.

This in turn made me more productive all day and I had better workouts too. My wife noticed more energy than I was at home because I usually came home right after work to take a quick nap to recharge.

I never had really bad acne, but I always seemed to get those annoying pimples either on the temple of my head or near my eyebrows. Throughout the month I had much clearer skin than normal. I thought this was just a coincidence, but after doing some research, I found that high sugar intake (especially chocolate) is a major contributor to acne.

happy familyThis type of means having more energy, but it was also a big advantage. It seemed like I was calmer than usual, and when there was a problem at work or in my shop, I seemed to put up with it rather than stress it out.

I also seemed calmer and happier in social situations. It made me feel great and my friends even noticed that I looked happier and smiled more.

Now I'm not saying you get magical superpowers by cutting out sugar for a while, but considering how much sugar we all consume every day, I think people will have some benefits in lowering their sugar intake.

However, sugar cannot be your vice. It can be salty food, beer or fast food. Everything in moderation … even in moderation! So live a little and keep yourself from indulging too much. Your body will thank you.

Dominic DinkinsDominic Dinkins, A Shazzy Fitness guest blogger is a native of Detroit who graduated from Hampton University in 2008. After graduation, he moved to South Korea and has lived there for over 10 years teaching English as a second language. After meeting his wife there, they started a blog together, where they published articles and infographics about life in Korea. He loves writing, traveling and graphic design and has been very interested in exercise and dieting lately. You can follow her blog at: <span data-story-id = "story_1fa186b596171402c4781c1395819daf" data-room-id = "room_45c7dec9d14f5dfcbe55de67812e8637" data-timestamp = "1560418719657" data-text = ""data-userid =" 1011802761964388352 "data-orgid =" 1011802761972776961 ">

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