This stunning metropolis by Louise Hare

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A brave new world

This beautiful city by Louise Hare is a wonderful one
historical thriller. It is a fabulous debut novel that takes place between 1948 and 1948

The war is over. Great Britain has to be rebuilt
If the population doesn't, Jamaican men will be sent an invitation
Start over and start a wonderful new life … but the reality is very different. "It didn't
no matter what his passport said. It could never be a man with black skin
considered British. "The Windrush men find that they have been racially lied to
Prejudices are common. "People looked and decided what he was without knowing it
one thing about him. "Terrible crimes have been committed against the men
even by those in authority. Men were only found guilty based on the color of
their skin. It is terrible to testify to the modern reader. These men were
They helped rebuild Britain, yet were convicted and attacked for the crime
to be black.

There were mixed race relationships, but they
were frowned upon and all children were also judged. It was terrible, shameful

Unmarried mothers were also looked up and down
shipped to the country at birth and then forced to give up babies
for adoption. They were seen as a shame for their families. It was awful
for these poor women and babies.

There are some kind hearts within the novel that
help where they can, see the goodness in others and not the color of theirs

This beautiful city introduces the reader to the post-war period
Great Britain. It should be a time of freedom, but there are prejudices and poverty
Rationing continues.

Louise Hare is a talented new writer who
triggers feelings in the reader when we travel through her book. she has
has captured the atmosphere of the time. I look forward to much more from her.

I got this book for free. A positive rating was not required and all views expressed are my own.


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