The outbreak of the corona virus is a chance to unfold the gospel, says harvest pastor Greg Laurie

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Greg Laurie

Harvest pastor Greg Laurie told Christians to be cheerful and to pray for the outbreak of the corona virus.

The spread of the virus is leading to increasing panic as the number of cases continues to grow worldwide and more and more countries are imposing travel restrictions and measures to distance themselves.

In a message on Instagram, Laurie said that while there is "a lot of fear" about COVID-19 in America, that fear must be replaced by faith.

The California-based pastor encouraged Christians to listen to medical experts and take appropriate measures, such as hand washing, but he also encouraged them to follow the words of Philippians 4 and to pray instead of worrying.

"Listen, God's promises are still true!" he wrote. "God is bigger than the corona virus! I think the Christian is indestructible until God is done with them."

He added, "Listen to the medical experts and take appropriate measures (wash your hands, etc.). But we must replace our fear with faith and pray for our nation that God protects us."

Laurie responded to the panic about the corona virus in a sermon clip that was posted alongside his message on Instagram.

He said, "In a way, I think the viral fear of it could be worse than the virus itself."

He added that while people need to be "practical" to take care of themselves, they should also be "praying".

"We have to pray about it. We have to pray for our church, we have to pray for our nation that God protects us. And the Lord can do that, he can put a shield around us," he said. when he asked people to pray for the healing of the infected.

However, he added that the coronavirus outbreak was an opportunity to "proclaim".

"I think we should use it as an opportunity to talk to people about Jesus Christ because a lot of people are freaking out," he said.

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