The organizers of Greenbelt make the choice to cancel the pageant resulting from coronavirus

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Greenbelt was canceled due to corona virus, the organizers said on Tuesday.

The festival was expected to be canceled after a number of other major Christian events, including Spring Harvest, Word Alive and the Keswick Convention, were canceled due to the pandemic.

Greenbelt, which brings art, faith, and justice together, was due to take place at Boughton House near Kettering, Northamptonshire from August 28-31, but will be postponed to 2021.

In an update to the supporters, the organizers said that the decision to cancel the annual summer festival was "overwhelming."

"It probably won't surprise anyone, but it doesn't feel better," they said.

"Obviously, we would never have acted if there had ever been the least risk to human health and safety.

"And in the past few weeks it has become all too clear that we simply cannot deliver the brilliant production that we have planned this year."

Ticketholders have until Sunday, May 31st to inform Greenbelt whether they would like a refund or donate the cost of their ticket. After this date, the tickets will automatically be transferred to the event next year.

"It's a shift in a way because we hope to bring as many artists, thinkers and activists as possible to the festival next year," said the organizers.

"Our hearts go out to many, many other events and festivals that may not be as lucky after this lost summer.

"But it's also a rejection, because – let's face it – it's what it is: for the first time in 47 years there won't be a green belt this year. A sentence that hurts to type so much how to read. "

They continued, "This year we have all received a dose of planetary perspective on what is really important, who and what is not."

"& # 39; Thoughts and Prayers & # 39; is a sentence that may have worn out a little with use, but all of us are with those who keep us safe and healthy on the many fronts of the struggle with Covid-19 . "

While the festival was canceled, the team is currently working on a program of online events under the theme "Wild at Home", which should take place in the summer.

"We will still believe in a place we can believe in the long days of closure and beyond," they said.

They added, "But now we take a moment to weigh up our losses, be thankful for what we have left, and know that we will all get back together next year – inflammatory, joyful, unthinkable again – it will be all the sweeter. "

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