The Methodist Church asks ministers to think about the susceptible in new tips for corona viruses

The Methodist Church asks ministers to think about the susceptible in new tips for corona viruses

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The Methodist Church has issued new guidelines for coronaviruses asking ministers to think about how they can support the most vulnerable in their communities.

The guidelines recommend a number of practical precautions to prevent the spread of infections, including good hand hygiene for servers at Holy Communion, according to the Public Health England guidelines.

Other suggestions include using a projector to avoid sharing hymnal or sharing notes.

Ministers are also advised to consider pastoral calls by phone and to temporarily abandon the tradition of shaking hands with people as they leave the Church.

"Now is a good time to be proactive about who the Church is, who may need additional help if they have to choose or isolate themselves," the guidelines said.

"For example, does a shopping plan have to be created for vulnerable members of the community?

"Remember that many people are anxious and a reassuring call and offer to pray could be greatly appreciated."

In line with other denominations, Methodist churches are told not to use handshakes to share peace for the time being, although ministers are encouraged to consider alternatives such as the British sign language of peace.

Communion changes require that only the minister receive the wine, while the communicants receive only the bread.

Parishioners and ministers are advised to stay at home if they feel uncomfortable.

"Please don't fight your way through, but stay at home and get well," says the instructions.

"Remember that the Church does not stop because we do not meet and there are other ways to join worship.

"Even if you would normally go to church with a cold, the words of 1 Corinthians 8:11 could be useful here: & # 39; Think of your weaker (brother / sister) & # 39 ;."

Rev. Paul Wood, Interim Director of the Ministries team, said: "As we look at the practical ways of protecting people from corona viruses, we still remember our calling to care for others while always being aware that we always have to react to it. " the good news in Jesus.

"We are a people of hope that we will have to announce and model good news in these difficult times."

Mission leader Jude Levermore said: "Our calling is to respond to the needs of our communities with love and service.

"The aim of this advice is to help us do this, even if the extent of the problem is still unclear.

"We are grateful to our sisters and brothers all over the world who keep us in prayer while we hold them. We shouldn't be afraid: & # 39; Because God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of strength and love and a sound mind. & # 39; 2 Timothy 1: 7. "

The Methodist Church has issued a prayer to be used in connection with the outbreak of the coronavirus:

God of hope, we are calling you today.
We pray for those who live in fear:
Fear of illness, fear of loved ones, fear of others' reactions to them.
May your mind give us a sense of calm and peace.

We pray for your church at this time of insecurity.
For those who are worried about worship.
For those who have to make decisions to take care of others
For those who feel more isolated when they cannot participate.
Give us your wisdom.

Holy God, we remember you promised that
Nothing will separate us from your love – demonstrate us in Jesus Christ.
Help us to focus our eyes, hearts and thoughts on you.


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