The intense dream of tomorrow by Naomi Rawlings

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Real treasure

Naomi Rawlings' bright dream of tomorrow is a delightful Christian historical novel. It is part of the Texas Promise series, but can be read as a standalone version.

I enjoyed meeting some familiar faces. Naomi Rawlings draws some wonderful, warm characters. The two leaders had a charming verbal exchange. The reader sees how chemistry bounces off them. There have been some very amusing moments as the lead actress is prone to accidents.

The main themes were forgiveness, guilt and grace. We all make mistakes that we have to learn from and that don't drown in a sea of ​​guilt. "God forgive … you don't have to spend the rest of your life paying for a mistake." God wanted us to live in freedom. If he says "forgive", we have to believe him.

We also have to forgive others. If we don't, we will only be tied up at a certain time. Who should we think we can rise above God's Word? He tells us to forgive and we have to do it.

We are all sinners who need mercy. We have to be open to receive His grace, and we have to extend the grace to others.

Misunderstandings arise when we try to hide our feelings or misinterpret others. We have to be honest and honest in everything.

The best plan for our lives is always God's plan. Man's plan will always be biased. God's plan is for us to thrive.

There is the topic of treasure. He made "choice of choice based on what would grow both the ranch and his bank account". A real treasure is never in money and all that. True treasures can be found in others and in Jesus. We have to be sure to choose wisely.

I love this Texas Promise series. I always love Naomi Rawling's novels. The stories are always fabulous and include the heart of God.

I got this book for free. A positive rating was not required and all views expressed are my own.


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