The federal government is offering £ 1.6m in funding to extend the safety of locations of worship

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(Photo: Unsplash / Joshua Hoehne)

Places of worship in England and Wales that benefit from a new round of funding from the Home Office to protect themselves from hate crimes.

£ 1.6m will be provided to help churches, mosques and other places of worship cover the cost of installing security equipment such as surveillance cameras, fences, gates, alarm systems and lighting.

This year, funding from the Ministry of the Interior already supported the implementation of new security measures in 27 mosques, 13 churches, five Gurdwaras and four Hindu temples – Jewish religious sites are looked after from a separate fund.

The funding announcement coincided with the one-year anniversary of the Christchurch terrorist attack on Sunday.

The government has already announced plans to double the amount made available next year to GBP 3.2m.

It also launched a consultation to ask belief groups what they can do to protect them from hate crime attacks. The consultation takes eight weeks.

Minister for Combating Extremism, Baroness Williams, said: "Nobody should be afraid to practice their faith. Whether it is a church, mosque, Gurdwara or temple, every place of worship should be a place of reflection and security.

"The system of places of worship offers this physical security, but we can do more and more so we want to hear from worshipers how we can better protect them from these terrible attacks."

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