The Curse of the Magician (The Seven Phrases E-book 1) by C.S. Guardian

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Light and dark battle for the soul of the six-year-old Prince Rayne, heir to the throne of all of Ochen and prophesied the light-bearer of the one. Kidnapped, his memories and voice blocked, claimed as a slave and brought up as an assassin under the name Wren.

Sigmund, powerful ancient wizard and enemy of one, plans to thwart the prophecy by using the young prince to murder his own parents. With the death of the lightbringer and the failure of the prophecy, Sigmund and his demonic colleagues will be free to bring darkness to all seven worlds from Ochen. However, what the magician does not realize is that the One has already claimed the boy by placing a glowing light in his mind and supporting him in a world of abuse and violence.

The fantasy series Seven Words takes place in a distant future and is a story about swords and magic, in which the elaboration of prophecies is examined on topics such as forgiveness, trust and courage.


Really fascinating, heartbreaking and overall fabulous imagination. Should have written a review right after reading it, but I loved all the characters. Rayne / Wren had a big bow – he goes through so much, but still holds onto small hopes of hope and somehow survives. I loved all the characters who helped him do it. The bad guys were appropriately creepy and terrible. Worldbuilding was great fun!

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