The Cornish pastor begins the drive-in service after the Council's U-turn

The Cornish pastor begins the drive-in service after the Council's U-turn

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Rev. Matt Tims said the U-turn was a "miracle".

A car service was held in Cornwall, which was almost canceled due to objections from the council's health and safety team.

The Auto Church is the brainchild of Rev. Matt Timms, pastor of the Wave House Church in Newquay. It was created to give Christians in the region the opportunity to personally attend church services while church buildings remain closed to larger gatherings due to the corona virus.

The service, which was held in a local parking lot, was almost canceled when the Cornwall County Council health and safety team contacted him to let him know that he could not continue.

Rev. Timms said he was told that the auto church service did not fall under government regulations and that "worship is not a specific activity".

"I was stunned and felt discriminated against. Drive-in cinemas are allowed, why not a drive-in church?" he said.

After appeals from the Christian Legal Center and local MP Steve Double, the council agreed to give permission for the service.

Rev. Timms said the turnaround was "a miracle and an act of God".

"Now that we can continue this service, we have a real opportunity to give hope to the people of Newquay and inspire other church leaders across the country to maintain their own auto service and go out into the community and reach out." People with the gospel, "he said.

"Worship is a very powerful thing and the ministry of Jesus was very public. Christian faith is not private. Gospel sharing and public worship are essential to what it means to live your Christian faith."

Andrea Williams, general manager of the Christian Legal Center, said common sense had prevailed.

"It may not be right that drive-in theaters are allowed, shopping centers are open, but outdoor worship that offers real hope to a needy community is prohibited," she said.

"The government dictates to church leaders what the church is and how it should work, which is unprecedented.

"It is also incredible that the government liberalized and expanded Sunday trade while restricting worship and even criminalizing informal prayer meetings.

"This church in Cornwall shows what is possible when social action is combined with the life-changing message of the gospel.

"It is time for church leaders across Britain to show the same courage and determination to reach the gospel despite ongoing government restrictions."

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