The co-founder of Teen Problem may barely stroll or communicate through the corona virus battle

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Don Wilkerson(Photo: Facebook / Don Wilkerson)

Don Wilkerson, co-founder of the Teen Challenge youth movement, says the coronavirus has barely left him able to walk or speak.

The pastor, who founded the youth movement with his late brother David Wilkerson, told CBN News that he had contracted coronavirus after visiting the organization's Brooklyn chapter last month.

"I have pneumonia, I could barely walk or speak," he said.

After being tested in the hospital, he was sent home with Tylenol to treat his fever, but was taken to the hospital a week later when his condition turned worst.

When his doctors offered him the experimental drug hydroxychloroquine, he agreed to take it.

He was overjoyed when he woke up the next day and felt much better and could taste again.

"I started crying and called my wife Cynthia and said: & # 39; honey, I can taste, I can taste & # 39;, three times I said & # 39; I can taste & # 39 ;. I was like one little kid and at that point knew … that the medicine had worked against the virus, "said Wilkerson.

Since then he has been allowed to return home.

Hydroxychloroquine is a medication typically used to treat malaria and lupus and has been hailed by US President Donald Trump as a possible treatment for coronavirus.

It has been tested in countries around the world, including the UK, to fight Covid-19, although experts are still unsure if it is effective.

The United States is struggling with the world's largest outbreak of corona viruses. Almost three quarters of a million cases were confirmed by Sunday.

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