The carving tree by Terry Thomas Bowman

The carving tree by Terry Thomas Bowman

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A story of love, courage, and God's redeeming grace that reminds readers that there is always hope.
46 years ago, Jake Sadie promised his love by carving their names into the carving tree. Sadie is now freshly retired and wants to experience the latest adventures in life with Jake at her side. But when the symbol of her lasting love begins to wither and Jake is diagnosed with a heart condition, Sadie's dreams are put on hold.

Sadie is bitter to God and determined to take good care of Jake and her beloved carving tree. Sadie's happiness worsens when she and Jake are threatened with a false lawsuit and an up-and-coming model Megan Thompson is missing after leaving her little son in Sadie's care. Sadie's idea of ​​retired life is very different than expected, overwhelmed by stress, medical bills and Jake's deteriorating health.
Miles Thompson's world is shaken. When it turns out that what she thought was an audition for a model gig is a joke, Megan becomes the victim of a trafficking ring. Megan is scared and far from home and knows that only one thing is certain: despite all the adversity, she has to flee and return to her son.

Will Sadie get back on her feet and find peace with God, and will Megan ever flee and return to her little son? The courage and resilience of women are tested in Terry Bowman's engaging novel The Carving Tree.


The first thing that interested me about this book was how much I liked the main characters Jake and Sadie Hopkins – good people with human errors. They are deeply in love and are approaching their golden years. Megan, a single mother struggling to feed herself, asks Sadie and Jake to watch her boisterous toddler as she runs a business. Then Megan is kidnapped in the nightmare of human trafficking. The excitement increases when the storylines come together and demonstrate God's love and the power of prayer. I didn't want this book to end and would like to continue reading.

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