The Blackburn Cathedral provides a espresso to its drinks menu

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In 2018, Blackburn Cathedral branched into the beverage business with its own gin label (News, November 16, 2018). This week it has put coffee on its drinks list and also has plans for tea.

The coffee brand was named Dean & # 39; s Beans in recognition of the dignity of Blackburn, dear Peter Howell-Jones (pictured), who developed Cathedra Gin to increase revenue for the cathedral's pastoral work.

“We want to put Blackburn Cathedral on the map for everything it has to offer, including its hospitality, worship and music. . . His gin and coffee, ”he said.

He hopes for a similar success as Cathedra Gin. The first two batches were sold out in less than a week and have been available in supermarkets since last year. The company was already profitable after six months. So far, 2000 bottles of £ 39 each have been sold.

Like the gin made at the nearby Brindle Distillery, Dean's Beans coffee was blended by a Lancashire company, the Coffee Exchange. It was launched last month when the Blackburn Cathedral café reopened.

"It's a strong brand. It's even stronger."

The café was renamed Checks and Grays to celebrate the region's rich textile heritage when each Lancashire mill had its own design and the Blackburn Checks and Grays were world famous. Cathedra Tea is expected to hit the market later this year.

The cathedral invested £ 12,000 in the development and marketing of Cathedra Gin. The profits will go to Blackburn Cathedral's educational and music program, which currently has 4,500 children in 120 schools. The Dean & # 39; s Beans project did not require any upfront investment as it is fully supported by the coffee exchange. The coffee costs £ 5 per 225g bag.

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