The best way to bloom spiritually, spiritually, and bodily in 2021 – Bible Type

The best way to bloom spiritually, spiritually, and bodily in 2021

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Spring has arrived and Easter is just around the corner. When new life blooms, new hope arises. We learned that life is tough and life changes. Injuries have left our nation in pain, scars, and weakness, but be courageous, our Savior is alive and well and is on the throne. As many Christians around the world learned long ago to seek refuge in our Lord and Savior, God now teaches Americans how to trust in Him on a deeper level. Christ's message of hope and healing is essential and will bring joy to those who hear and receive it. As his ambassador, are you ready to announce it in 2021? How well do you feel equipped for it? Do you have a plan on how to get His message out to the masses or are you still in pain from the fall?

As ambassadors for Christ, it is our duty to strengthen the weak and care for the wounded and injured. The two together are a powerful mixture because through his Word God has given a lot of strength for the weak and a powerful "balm" to alleviate the suffering of his people. This "balm" will heal mental torments and bring physical healing that will occur here on earth or later, in eternity, with our Lord and Savior.

What is this “balm” and how is it used? Jeremiah 8:22 says: “Is there no balm in Gilead? Is there no doctor there? Then why is there no cure for the wounds of my people? “This was an indication of the coming of the“ great doctor ”mentioned in the New Testament, who applied the healing balm that manifested through his nail-scarred hands! The balm is Jesus Christ himself washing over every area of ​​life as we learn to trust and obey him, and he heals us.

With this in mind, how ready are you to get his message across to the masses? Still in need of the Gilead Balm itself so that you can live in peace through the abundance of life that Jesus promises to those who use it? Faith and Health Connection is a discipleship service that enables believers to apply the "Balm of Gilead" to their own lives first and then to the lives of others who are without it. Let us walk beside you and disciples you in your relationship with Christ as you prepare for a successful message. We do this through various workshops, encouraging blog posts and our mind-spirit-body Bible study "Pathway 2 Wholeness".

If you don't have a plan on how to take Christ's message to the masses, Path 2 wholeness gives you one! Once you have experienced the path to self healing and find relief for your pain and brokenness, you will know the "way" to get there !! This year God is calling us to himself for a purpose, and that purpose is to spread His gospel in a lost and dying world that is suffering. He has taken many pacifiers from our spoiled nation, but they are quickly trying to replace them with new ideologies, technologies, and the reputation of adopting a very hedonistic culture. Will you be part of the solution and take the call? If so, Faith and Health Connection would love to support you on your way to a spiritually, spiritually and physically prosperous year in 2021!

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Stephanie Wilkins, CNC, is a certified nutritionist and founder of No More Bandaids, a department dedicated to the advancement of caretakers and people with chronic illnesses. Stephanie spends her days researching evidence-based nutritional and health information and developing personalized healthy living plans for clients. She also teaches, speaks and blogs about health and wellness from a Christian perspective and is equipped as an ambassador for faith and health in this ministry.

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