The artistic energy of prayer

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April 20, 2020

Prayer – an opportunity to create together with God

You know how they say that in our conversations with others we are either building up or breaking down? I've been thinking about it in our conversations with God.

The beautiful thiOur exchange with the father is that there is no demolition, only construction.

Therefore, confess your mistakes (your slips, your wrong steps, your offenses, your sins) and pray (also) for each other that you will be healed and restored (to a spiritual tone of mind and heart). The earnest (heartfelt) prayer of a righteous man provides tremendous strength (dynamic in his work).
James 5:16 AMPC

Think about it. He is the creator of all things. When we bring him things about others, even ourselves, where we might have a complaint or frustration, he gives us healing and forgiveness. Wherever we could bring him dissatisfaction and disappointment, he meets us there with new vision and hope. When we enter his presence, which is freed from love, he also pours out extravagantly and fills us up again.

In I Peter, the word says, his love covers a variety of sins. In his presence, in prayer, this covers shortcomings and short-sighted views of ourselves and others.

If prayer is a continuous, unbroken means of expression between us and the Father, we can vent, we can wage war, we can wrestle, we can rest, we can hope and best of all, we can trust him who he is in intimacy ~ in-to-me-see.

Hebrews say: He is the author and accomplisher of our faith. That is, if we don't have eyes to see our story, we'll meet eye to eye with the author. Even if we don't believe how things will end with its strength, it ends perfectly.

We are certain and know that (God is a partner in their work, all things work together and fit in a plan) for the good for and for those who love God and are called according to his plan and purpose. Romans 8:28

So we don't have to have everything together to talk to him. When we come to him in prayer, we work in unity with the Father by working together and creating together. He has everything together.

We literally partner with the Father when we pray!

He's got the whole deficit, everything we're missing and everything we feel missing ~ He's got it. He did it not to frustrate or make us dissatisfied, but to satisfy our longing and to satisfy his longing for community and companionship with us!

In prayer we are renewed, charged, we create our stories together and we reap endless rewards in his presence. We thrive there, we thrive in prayer!



As a professional life coach, Robyn Adams is happy to help others on their way to hope, healing, holism and clarity of purpose. Robyn can't remember a time when she didn't want to listen to others so that she could offer them help and hope. That's how Robyn is done. Robyn began her ambition to become a counselor with a degree in psychology and Bible studies. In addition to her formal education, she has extensive experience in organizations such as Youth with A Mission (YWAM) and YoungLives, which look after teenage mothers and young adults in their personal development and discipleship. While researching her master's in counseling, she discovered life coaching and decided to take the trip herself. At 38, she saw the value of self-confidence associated with the process as her own experience with a coach that helped her become a more holistic and healthier woman, mother, daughter, and friend.

In 2008 she received her certification as professional coaching and started Charistree. It now offers various coaching tracks from the areas of nutrition, personal and business coaching. At its core, Robyn's fundamental coaching process is to uncover the beauty and hope in need and to give others the courage to lean into the transformation. By creating a safe and compassionate environment, she travels with others through this process, helping them find hope, heal wholeness, and pursue clear goals. Robyn believes that wholeness involves the emotional, physical, mental and spiritual healing of the body and can be achieved primarily through the discovery of one's own personal meaning and an inspiring vision for life. That is her passion.

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