The actual Beatrix Potter by Nadia Cohen

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The Peter Rabbit Lady

The real Beatrix
Potter from Nadia
Cohen is a fascinating insight into one of the best known and most popular in the world
Children's book author. Beatrix Potter was so much more than just a famous author.
She was a woman ahead of her time and paid little attention to fashionable drawing
Kensington rooms and prefer the rugged nature of their beloved lake

Beatrix Potter was curious as a child
about nature and animals. She loved to draw and experiment with it. These
were activities that she shared with her younger brother.

Peter Rabbit's famous story was first
rejected by the publishers Warne and Co, but after the success of one
self-published run, they published it in 1902 and sold 200,000 in just a few
Months. The rest is history.

Beatrix Potter was not just Peter Rabbit
Lady, she was passionate about nature conservation and supported it
National Trust founded. They say
that "without Beatrix Potter, many experts believe that the lake
The district would not be here today. “With her money, Beatrix bought Potter
huge areas of the Lake District to keep in the hands of
Local people. Her first purchase was her hilltop farm in 1905. In the 1920s
She would buy a larger Herdwick sheep farm and promote the breed.

Nadia Cohen calls Beatrix Potter a pioneer.
She was a woman ahead of her time, typically English, but with one
Worldwide attraction across generations. Her books have been translated into 46
Languages ​​and it is very popular with the Japanese.

Beatrix Potter's heart has always been for children.
She wanted her books to cost no more than a shilling so that children could afford them
They. Children wrote to her and she replied to her letters.

I've always loved Beatrix Potter's books. I
Read them as a child. I read it to my children and I read it to mine
Granddaughters. Beatrix Potter's books are as popular today as they are today
was always.

Many thanks to Nadia Cohen for a fascinating look
to a popular and popular children's book author.

I got this book for free. A positive rating was not required and all views expressed are my own.


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