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The 5 by Hallie Rubenhold

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Bring women to life

Hallie Rubenhold's Five is a
Comprehensive view of the five Jack the Ripper victims in the fall
Terror ”in 1888.

Hallie Rubenhold brought women to life
when she examined her life from birth and presented her results.
The women were so much more than just the victims of the ripper. They were women
Mothers, daughters, sisters and friends.

We hear so much speculation about Jack the
Ripper, but we largely forget his victims and throw them together as women
the night, drunkards living in poverty. And yes, while some of these labels
We may need to remember that these victims were women first. yes they did
live in poverty, but also millions of others. Yes, drinking was a problem in the
nineteenth century and yes, they may have turned to prostitution as a means
survive, but that's no reason to kill them. These women were victims of
Circumstances living in poverty do what they had to do to survive. they did
I don't deserve to have their lives wiped out.

I found the book fascinating. It was good too
Get to know the women, so they are more than just a collection of names. I can
recommend the five.

By the way, I was amazed to see my ancestors on my father's side, who was mentioned on pages 245-246 – William Perry, the Tipton Slasher and Bare Knuckle champion from all over England – and my great-grandfather's brother.


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