Strive the Church Instances closed captioning contest for the most recent winners and high entries

Strive the Church Instances closed captioning contest for the most recent winners and high entries

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Submit your entries from Only via email to by 9:00 a.m. on Monday, April 26th.

Here is last week's winner:

Neil KelleyNeil Kelley

Just when you thought bishops couldn't get a pc (Daniel Sandham)

Recently there were reports of police trying to make sure social distancing was properly followed in public worship – but we were unaware of new tactics:

  • Despite the disguise, it was pretty obvious that the police were checking Palm Sunday duty for social distancing (Richard Spray)
  • He thought this might help ensure adequate social distancing in the Palm Sunday procession (John Hutchinson)
  • PC Jermyns went undercover to find out about social distancing on Palm Sunday (Bridget Swan).
  • We have ways to get you to distance yourself socially (Richard Hough)
  • Anyone who does not take part in the Palm Sunday procession will be fined and sent to prison (Bill de Quick)
  • OK – who of you forgot to use the gel? (Lynda Sebbage)
  • On this Palm Sunday, control of the crowd was delegated to the local chaplain of the Met (Roger Knight).

New directions for Bishop North?

  • If you have Eucharist at 10 a.m. and an audition for Line of Duty at 11 a.m. (Julie Minns)
  • Bishop Philip begins his new role as Chaplain of the Special Division (Paul Bradbury).
  • The Community Support Officer (NSM) stood in for the pastor at the last minute on Palm Sunday (Paul MacDermott).
  • The invitation to communion: "Right, then let's be" avin "you" (Geoffrey Robinson)
  • The bishop was charged with impersonating a police officer and presented photographic evidence that he worked for the specialty department (Trevor Thurston-Smith).
  • Bishop North's new miter really fits the old bill! (Che Seabourne).

Some other posts we liked:

  • Hit me with that palm branch and I'll report you for police brutality (Peter Potter)
  • Chaplain of the Rome Carbinieri gives himself the palm d & # 39; Or (Ian Barge)
  • Peter was part of Special Branch – and it showed! (Patrick Irwin)
  • Vicar: "Something is wrong with this microphone." Congregation: "And with you too" (Mervyn Cox)
  • The militant church bent its missal (Richard Strudwick)
  • Palms – face – space (Paul Brett)
  • Speculations that the House of Bishops had responded to criticism of the clergy's disciplinary action by setting up an Inquisition Wing turned out to be spot on (Nick Ralph).
  • You have the right to remain seated and wear a mask. Everything you say will be forgiven! Happy Easter (Clive Deverell)
  • The YMCA sponsored Palm Sunday Mass at the expense of the Bishop (Chris Beeson).
  • I a copper, I a copper, I a maxima copper (David Hill)
  • You are under no obligation to say anything (John Lloyd)
  • Welcome to our annual YMCA (Alistair Bolt) service
  • Warning: Red notice for anyone caught saying "Mother of God", not on duty (Alwyn Ladell)
  • This week we're thinking about silly hats and next week we're celebrating the ministry of silly walks (Martin Hennessy-Smith)
  • Remember that protesters are being arrested. Don't wave your palms this year (Janet Stockton)
  • Father Jason illustrated the new translation of Matthew chapter 13: "First collect the weeds and burn them, but collect the wheat in protective custody" (William Clocksin)
  • The washing instructions for me were all Greek (Robert Shooter)
  • The first person to laugh at my hat is smacked with their palms (Olwyn Marlow)
  • Bishops deny widespread surveillance of the liturgy (Jonnie Parkin)
  • When the officer was asked to take a stand and raise his palm, it was not quite what they meant (Trevor Oakes)
  • That will be a triumphant paperback entry (Martin Kettle)
  • Go north! (Mike Peatman)
  • The Lord's Police Be With You Always (Philip Deane)
  • Let's sum up the words, "It's fun staying at the YMCA!" (Michele Simms)
  • A mistake that is often made during Holy Week is confusing religious and secular authority (Michael Foster)
  • There are times when an SSM is available for both secular and parochial duties (Valerie Budd).

As always, the winner will receive a Fairtrade Chocolate Award courtesy of Divine Chocolate.

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