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Simply my luck from Adele Parks

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Keeped me awake at night

Just My Luck by Adele Parks is a fabulous contemporary psychological thriller that messes up your mind and emotions.

An ordinary house in a suburb. An ordinary family with an ordinary life – until a day that changes everything. Just My Luck examines the effects of changing everything. What you thought you wanted, what you thought you knew, who you thought you were – the floor is shifting and everyone envies you.

There is the big question of truth and lies and trust. Adele Parks wrote a wonderful novel that will consume you if you try to separate the truth from the lies. There is a strong warning – be careful what you want. Be happy with what you have.

The love of money, power and greed spoils life and hearts. If you take your eyes off people and look at your bank balance, you're in trouble. The very pure at heart see money as a way to help others. The purely selfish see it as a way to feather their own nests.

Just My Luck was an all-consuming read. I couldn't take it off. At some point I literally gasped.

An ordinary family. An ordinary life. An anything but ordinary story. Adele Parks has created a wonderful, complicated and thoughtful plot. This book will keep you awake at night.

I got this book for free. A positive rating was not required and all views expressed are my own.


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