Shoulder coaching with resistance bands

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Get a fantastic workout quickly and comfortably from home Shoulder training with resistance bands! You will love the burning!

a woman holding a resistance band and exercising her shoulder

PEN Shoulder training with resistance bands

Do you just miss the gym and are totally bored at home?

I know it really is me! I bet you bet you also lack all the fantastic equipment in the gym and you think it will take a while to get a good workout, right?

NOT CORRECT? You don't need a lot of equipment to do a good workout!

I mean, just ask the women in the body, mind, and spirit fat loss program. You will feel the burning sensation at home!

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<p>If you don't know what this program is, just click HERE for more information on my fat loss approach and download my free guide!</p>
<p>Anyway <strong>Learning to add weight training to your life is key to healthy, long-term fat loss. Did you know that?</strong></p>
<p class=Lifting weights burns more calories after your workout!

If you have muscles in your body, you burn more calories at rest!

If you do not do strength training, you cannot accelerate your metabolism for life!

Adding muscle to your body is one of the best kept secrets for faster metabolism and the ability to eat more while still losing body fat!

So I wanted to start you with a little shoulder workout at home where you only need one band! These bands are incredible and always great to have on hand!

Your shoulder training with resistance bands

Standing Upright Rows – Be sure to keep your back straight and your chest up, and use the side deltoids for the lift.

LaterBanded Laterals – You want to keep "barbie arms here" which means a slight bend and fix them like this One tip I always give is to pretend that you are opening a door with your shoulder – this will give you the right activation.

FaceBanded Face Pulls – Hold down your shoulder blade and move your elbows back and out, as opposed to your straight back, for greater activation of the rear delta.

❌Banded Front Raise – Keep your chest and back straight. Do not lift the band above shoulder height.

Do this in a circuit style, a total of 3 sentences in a row and rest for 1-2 minutes after each sentence. If you can only start 1 or 2 sets, that's great too. Just work your way up.

Do it in AMRAP style (which means doing as many repetitions as possible for each set)

With all of these things go nice and slow – faster is not better!

Really feel the contractions and the constant tension!

You can do this as a standalone circuit, but I highly recommend integrating it into an upper body day or a full body day or a "push" day!

Always remember that the way to build muscle is associated with "progressive overload". This means that you have to gradually overload your muscles every week. This could look like another repetition, heavier weight, a slower movement with more tension, or even less pause between sets. There are many ways to do this as long as you do it. It is the key to muscle growth!

So are you going to try this shoulder training with bands?

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