Sermons on divorce and remarriage

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What Does the Bible Say About Divorce? Download or listen to Alistair Begg sermons on marriage, divorce, and remarriage.

Divorce and Remarriage (Matthew 19: 1-9) – Listen to Download MP3 | Buy CD ($ 1.25)

To understand what the Bible teaches about divorce, we must first understand what it teaches about the nature of marriage. Following the example of Christ, Alistair Begg appeals to the authority of Scripture to teach us how to reflect biblically on this difficult subject when we consider what marriage is and how it affects its dissolution.

Divorce – Part One (Mark 10: 1-9) – Listen to Download MP3 | Buy CD ($ 1.25)

Since marriage has been part of God's purpose since creation, the Bible's instruction regarding marriage and divorce applies to every marriage. Jesus' instruction in Mark 10 is clear and we cannot ignore it. Alistair Begg teaches us how to apply it in the context of the truth of the gospel.

Divorce – Part Two (Mark 10: 10-12) – Listen to Download MP3 | Buy CD ($ 1.25)

When the Pharisees challenged Jesus on divorce, he did what we should do when facing difficult questions: return to the first principles. Alistair Begg reminds us that marriage is a decree that God created as a model for all of humanity. Marriage in all its successes and failures requires God's grace to redeem, hold back and restore our human weaknesses.

Marriage and Divorce (1 Corinthians 7: 8-16) – Listen to Download MP3 | Buy CD ($ 1.25)

The Bible is clear about lifelong engagement when two people get married, but are there biblical reasons for divorce? Should a creditor stay with an incredulous spouse? Is remarriage permitted after divorce or widowhood? Alistair Begg examines these problems and assures the faithful that with God's help lost affections can be rekindled and covenants between husbands and wives can be maintained.

Planting hedges in marriage – Part 1 (Selected Scripture) – Listen to Download MP3 | Buy CD ($ 1.25)

Most often, a failed marriage is not the result of a one-off event, but the result of a slow leak that eventually bursts. Alistair Begg warns us that no matter how strong we feel, we are not immune to the pitfalls that cause marriage chaos. For this reason, we should carefully consider the environment to which we submit and work hard to set boundaries that protect our marriages.

Planting hedges in marriage – part two (Ephesians 5: 22-33) – Listen to Download MP3 | Buy CD ($ 1.25)

The greatest joy that we will experience in marriage is when we learn to put our partner first. If we value our spouse's happiness over our own happiness, we will begin to understand the meaning of true victim love. Alistair Begg teaches us different ways to help us show love and appreciation for our man or woman.

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