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"Pride comes before destruction and a haughty spirit before a fall." – Proverbs 16:18 (ESV)

In today's world, many see self-confidence as an important characteristic. But when does self-confidence just become another word for pride? In this selection of sermons, Alistair Begg encourages us to consider Jesus' example of humility and to be willing to serve others.

The Problem of Pride (Luke 18: 9–14, Proverbs 16:18) – Listen to Download MP3 | Buy CD $ 1.25

Thinking well about yourself is one of the highest values ​​in our society. Our schools and counseling programs are full of programs that help people in this area. Why does the Bible treat it as a problem? Is it an asset or our most widespread and subtle enemy?

A Lesson in Humility (1 Peter 5: 5–7) – Listen to Download MP3 | Buy CD $ 1.25

Humility and grace go hand in hand. The better we understand God's grace, the more humble we should become. Alistair Begg reminds us that a humble life consists of serving others, regularly asking God for forgiveness, and remembering our total dependence on him. A humble life thinks so much of God that there is little room for self-thought.

Subjugate Each Other (Ephesians 5:21) – Listen to Download MP3 | Buy CD $ 1.25

Everyone is naturally prone to self-assertion, but humility and submission should be evident in the lives of believers. Alistair Begg asks us to consider that real unity is a response of reverence for Jesus who has given himself to us. As we are increasingly under the control of God's Word and the rule of the Son of God, the Holy Spirit will bring about real unity among God's people.

Don't worry, be humble (The Cove) (1 Peter 5: 1–6) – Listen to Download MP3 | Buy CD $ 1.25

We live in a self-saturated culture that makes fun of humility and celebrates pride. However, Christians are called to live differently. Adequate understanding of God's grace enables us to exercise divine humility that is revealed in our relationships and actions. In this message from Peter's first letter, Alistair Begg exhorts us to live humbly in response to God's grace and mercy.

Humble Servant (John 13: 1) – Listen to Download MP3 | Buy CD $ 1.25

One of the most striking examples of Jesus' humility took place on the night he was betrayed: the Creator washed the feet of the disciples he had created – including his traitor. Alistair Begg reflects on this meaningful act and examines the humility of Christ when he began his journey to the cross. To be like Christ, we too must be prepared to bend down and serve those around us – not only our friends but also our enemies.

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