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Download or listen to five Alistair Begg sermons on joy.

Think of it as pure joy (James 1: 2-5) – Listen to | Download MP3 | Buy CD $ 1.25

The life of the Christian faith is often expressed as a journey, and Alistair Begg uses this metaphor to draw our attention to what James had to say about the life in Christ. If we want to achieve God's purpose for our time on earth, we can expect to face trials. Only when we have prepared ourselves for difficult times and respond properly to them can we heed James' words and view our trials as joy.

Solid Joys and Lasting Treasure – Part Two (Luke 10:21) – Listen to | Download MP3 | Buy CD $ 1.25

When the followers he sent returned, Jesus rejoiced that God had hidden the truth of the kingdom from the proud and revealed it to the humble. The joy of Jesus reveals the equality of Jesus Christ and God the Father. Alistair Begg emphasizes the great privilege that we have to point others to the God who asks nothing of us but an awareness of our need for Him.

Christian Joy (Selected Scripture) – – Hear | Download MP3 | Buy CD $ 1.25

Every day we face threats to our joy – feelings like darkness, pessimism, fear, and depression. For Christians, these problems can cast doubt on our claims to know joy in Christ. However, as Alistair Begg teaches, true joy is not defined by emotion or entertainment, but by our Savior bringing divine satisfaction and gratitude. By relying on Jesus and staying in communion with him, we can experience true joy in the midst of trials.

Sorrow turned to joy (John 16: 16-24)– Listen to | Download MP3 | Buy CD $ 1.25

Why did Jesus say to his disciples, “In a short time you will not see me” and later assured them that they would see him again? Alistair Begg guides us through the purpose of Jesus behind these promises. The disciples' uncertainty about their future made sense – but today we know more than they do about the resurrection of Christ. While Jesus does not say that he will replace the sadness of his people with happiness, he promises something even better: to turn our sadness into joy.

The Friends of Jesus (John 15: 9-17) – Listen to | Download MP3 | Buy CD $ 1.25

Many of us long for the joy that comes from lifelong friendship. We don't always find such a friend here on earth, but Jesus told his disciples in John chapter 15 that God initiates this kind of friendship with us. Alistair Begg explains that when we respond to God's invitation to friendship, we find joy that doesn't fade.

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