Seconds to dwell by Susan Sleeman

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Seconds To Live by Susan Sleeman is a fabulous contemporary Christian tension that will grab the reader's attention from the start. It's the first book in the Homeland Heroes series and I can't wait for the rest.

The characters were well drawn, realistic and personable. They are not perfect, but realistically flawed with character traits that are easy to identify with.

Susan Sleeman has created a complex, well-designed plot. Computer hacking is associated with murder and intimidation. Law enforcement agencies with multiple authorities are required. The reader is consumed from the first page.

It is a question of trust. The reader and characters have to look at some with suspicion, but God can always be trusted. We have to "trust even if you don't feel like it". We cannot see the big picture, but God can. He asks us to trust him in the dark.

The author uses pitiful error because the weather sometimes reflects the mood.

Past experiences color life today. Characters feel guilty about a life event. Guilt is out of place. It is a burden that should never have been taken up. It must be released so that a life can be lived in the freedom that God intended.

Sometimes events get out of control. We have to give the driver's seat of our lives to God. We don't have to know everything. We have to trust in the goodness of God. "God was in control. Not him. God."

Prayer is important. It will help us build our relationship with God. Sometimes our prayers are as simple as "help", but God always hears and always answers.

I was absolutely thrilled with Seconds To Live. It would be a fabulous television series … Netflix, please note. Susan Sleeman is a new author for me, but I want to read a lot more about her.

I will leave you with my preferred and very powerful quote:

"She lived her faith … God used her to draw people to him."

I got this book for free. A positive rating was not required and all views expressed are my own.


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