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Riven (Riven Republic E book 1) by H. L. Wegley

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America holds its collective breath and waits for a 21st century Fort Sumpter
As America breaks along geopolitical borders – left against right, blue against red – the nation has become a powder keg. The slightest spark could ignite the fuse that triggered Civil War 2. Zach Tanner, constitutionalist and radio host, has a growing radio network until the progressive governor of Oregon, Sandra Harper, turns it off. Zach encourages the Oregon constitutionalists to flee to East Oregon with him to protect families and friends from the coming war. He imagines a strong radio station that sends hope to America.

Kate Alexander, a new Christian and fan of Zach's radio show, wants to flee to Eastern Oregon and leave Salem, where her aunt, Governor Sandra Harper, has declared martial law, activated the state guard, and asked the police and military to find her beloved niece , so that Sandra can "repair" Kate and put her back in the state's most powerful political family.

When Zach starts broadcasting, progressive President Wendell Walker wants Zach and Kate to be dead. Governor Harper wants Kate to return and be rehabilitated. The constitutionalist militia wants to keep them alive. Can anyone win if the three factions collide? If Zach and Kate survive, can they overcome the pain of their past and find a future together in the divided states of America?

Riven, Book 1 of the Riven Republic series, takes place in Oregon and DC and contains a supporting cast with several dynamic characters who played in the earlier novels by H. L. Wegley.


The author Wegley has my greatest respect. He knows the weather, the northwest, deep-tech stuff, history, knows politics, is a Christian and a patriot. Riven blew me away. The novel has a contemporary wake-up call meaning that I had to read in pieces due to its possible reality. Oh, the man also writes romance.

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