Revenge of the Elders from Zion by Dan Sofer

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Revenge of the Elders from Zion by Dan Sofer is a contemporary suspense thriller that keeps you busy as you read.

The action is rapid and the plot complex with twists and turns that I have not seen. It was sometimes difficult to keep up, but I clung to the ride.

There are agents and double agents, disguises and struggles between authorities, while secret societies are planning the demise of others.

The novel deals with the age-old question of anti-Semitism as heroes of history try to correct the injustice of the past.

I enjoyed the novel, although sometimes I didn't always understand the plot. Moments of lightness offset the high tension. If you like conspiracies and suspense, this is definitely the novel for you. It will keep you awake at night as you want to see how it ends.

I got this book for free. A positive rating was not required and all views expressed are my own.


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