Ravi Zacharias & # 39; daughter appreciates her father

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Naomi Zacharias(Photo: Instagram / Ravi Zacharias)

Naomi Zacharias released a video homage to her father Ravi Zacharias just days before the family announced that no other treatment options for the respected apologist's advanced cancer were available.

In the warm message, Naomi, who serves as director of Wellspring International, wore a hat with the message: "I love my father."

"I'm dressed more casually today, mostly because I'm proud to be able to tell you that I love my father very much," she said in the video homage that is now posted on Zacharia's Instagram page.

The tribute included a virtual performance by Metro Music Therapy about the playback of Zacharia's favorite anthem "How Great Thou Art".

At the time, Naomi and her parents were in Houston, Texas, where their father was treated at the MD Anderson Cancer Center.

Zacharias has been fighting a rare form of bone cancer since March and has recently been informed by doctors that there is nothing more she can do.

On Friday, Ravi told Zacharias International Ministries a health update from Zacharias & # 39; eldest daughter, Sarah Davis, who is also CEO of RZIM. "We just learned that the area where the cancer metastasized actually deteriorated while the tumor in my father's sacrum responded to chemotherapy," Davis wrote. "His oncologist told us that this cancer is very rare in its aggression and that there are no options for further treatment. From a medical point of view, they have done everything they can."

Although Naomi Zacharias 'video message was recorded before her father was released from the hospital, it was only released on Ravi Zacharias' social media platforms on Monday. He thanked his daughter for her words and the Atlanta-based Metro Music Therapy singers.

Music "can evoke life" and "honor life and sadness," said Naomi in homage. She thanked Metro Music Therapy for sharing the song with her father.

"I want to thank you so much. Mallory Bailey, Laura Haley, Haley, Kevin, Camilla and Maria, I want to thank you for this love work. This act of love. I don't even know how you did it wholeheartedly we are Thank you so much. Thank you for your friendship, "she said. "Thank you for what you did for him to breathe life into his soul. It was really food for the soul. It blessed him, it blessed us and we wanted to share it with you because we know it will also bless.

"I had to sit next to my father and press play and see the expression on his face when he heard them singing for him with their beautiful voices – singing for him and singing one of his favorite songs of all time that he knows and knows has clung to four years and words that he knows and that he still holds on to, "said Naomi.

Courtesy of the Christian Post

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