Quick tales for Mom's Day: a set by D.I. Telbat

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In honor of the mother. . .
This collection of 20 short stories on Christian Mother's Day by D.I. TELBAT is written for and about mothers around the world.

Scenes from some of the stories:
–This was the first emergency in Aleppo since ISIS withdrew, but it was prepared. It had led to that night when he could save a woman's life. "
– It was as if God was reaching into their lives and forcing them to accept something that they had avoided for decades.
– "Some of you will not be going home," he said with intense eyes. "Some of you will die where God has called you."
– "It is difficult moments like this that prove what we believe in. Are we going to be mothers who trust through our pain or mothers crippled by grief?"
– That was not her normal prayer. She had a deep need to cry out for God's intervention. Something happened, although Joy couldn't know what it was.
–It was unthinkable that his own mother could have lived on the street while living in a Florida mansion!
– "It's okay, young man. God doesn't judge us by where we live or how much money we have. He judges us by the belief we have in saving his son."
–The young mother could not try to escape North Korea without her little daughter.
– Piper remembered why the missing person's bulletins had caught their attention. One day she hoped to find her own name or a sketch of her face there.
– She started the engine and ran along the row of cars to her son's pickup – she could see that the front end was completely crushed.
– "Trevor ran away more than four years ago." "Well, God brought him to us. He is now at COIL and protects missionaries under extreme persecution. "
– There was a reason why the American embassy had warned of travel. The attacks against Christians and Westerners had increased.
– “Some of us have experienced real losses. We shed tears over our children. But now it's time to use our tears to comfort others. "

You don't have to be a mother (I don't) to really enjoy these stories. Emotions go from joy to sadness and back to joy. I loved those who the mother hadn't seen their children in for years and thought they were lost in the wrong way of life, only to find out that they were actually on the best possible way … to help people learn about Christ , or fellow human beings to help Christians in dangerous situations.

For every mother, for every occasion, this collection honors those who are not honored enough. To all mothers in our lives – Happy Mother's Day!

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