Professional-Life MPs obtain loss of life menace after voting in opposition to buffer zones on the abortion clinic

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Dr. Lisa Cameron with flowers from SPUC after a death threat addressed an elderly relative after her close-to-life vote in the House of Commons.(Photo: SPUC)

The SNP MP Dr. Lisa Cameron says an elderly relative received a death threat after voting against a law to criminalize prayer vigils at abortion clinics.

The bill was passed last month with 213 votes to 47, but as a ten-minute rule proposal, it is unlikely to become law.

Dr. Cameron was one of the few MPs to vote against the measure and the only SNP member to do so.

After the vote, she discovered a message on her Facebook page from a person who called the MP "fat slag" and said she was planning to kill her relatives.

The news was reported to the police.

"I am concerned about the actions of those who have triggered online hatred and toxic aggression in the past few weeks after my conscience voted to have an abortion, and I am particularly concerned that I have received another death threat against my family," she said.

"Unfortunately, for security reasons, it is becoming increasingly difficult for Christian MPs to vote freely on conscience, as religious freedom is apparently constantly being undermined. This is currently a police matter and I would be grateful if people could respect my family's privacy."

The Society for the Protection of Unborn Babies (SPUC) condemned the threat of violence against Dr. Cameron.

Spokesman Michael Robinson said: "Lisa is a brave MP who has fearlessly advocated the defense of unborn babies. Lisa needs our support and thanks. As a society, we must respect and defend freedom of conscience."

SPUC sent her a bouquet of white flowers, inspired by the non-violent White Rose resistance movement in Nazi Germany, and encouraged Pro-Lifers to contact the MP to show their support.

Robinson added: "Once again, Dr. Lisa Cameron MP has been attacked with hatred and intolerance because she firmly believes that everyone deserves the right to life. It is particularly loathsome to attack her through her family.

"Defamation is now routinely used by pro-abortion advocates as a tactic to smash the debate and invite hateful attacks on people with different opinions. Those who believe in democracy must unmask those responsible and defend real democratic values."

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