Preserve your distance: recommendation for church buildings from common surgeon The trade

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Ed Stetzer:

There is increasing pressure from congregations of all faiths to meet … What medical advice would you like us to share with the churches?

General Adams surgeon:

I totally understand it. That is one of the problems of human nature. You all know that as a faith leader, it is difficult to get people to stay on course. It's hard to get people to do something if they don't see any reward for themselves in the backend. It's hard to get people to do something that is difficult without a schedule to work towards, where they know when it will end …

Arizona was one of the most difficult places in the country. Just three weeks ago, the cases were out of control. We were able to change that by taking simple measures in the area of ​​public health …

My message – if I spoke to your gathering – would be number one. We can solve this problem in three to four weeks by doing three simple things:

  1. Include wearing face masks when we're in public
  2. Make sure we often wash our hands for 20 seconds or use a hand sanitizer
  3. Then watch your distance.

The hardest thing is to watch your distance, as it contains some important details. This includes not having large gatherings and house parties, not going to bars, avoiding gatherings of more than 10 people, and keeping six feet apart. It sounds simple – but that's exactly what we have to do and the reward you get on the backend. If we do that, we can reverse our prices in three to four weeks to open schools to come back to the service.

We need people who understand that when we get the younger people – especially those who are our problem people, not only for COVID but you know, in a number of different areas, but also our people out there with the most energy and energy Spreading most of the skills in messages – if we can get them to work together, in three to four weeks we can cut church rates so much that we can open places of worship.

Check out New York, literally the toughest place in the world, and its positive rate is now well below 5%. They are able to reopen schools and places of worship.

People need to know that unless we spread under control, it is not safe to re-assemble.

Ed Stetzer:

Part of the challenge is that 70% of churches are meeting again, according to a Lifeway Research study published a few days ago. I know you have no instructions or mandates, but what medical advice would you like us to articulate to our faith communities?

General Adams surgeon:

So if you're already meeting medically, I'd say number one, make sure you're protecting the vulnerable. Make sure that the elderly and those with chronic conditions do not come to these sessions or that you are considering them, as these are the people at greatest risk of dying from COVID-19 or having serious complications. You have to protect these people.

When you meet, make sure you do so in a socially distant manner, at least two meters, and encourage people to wear a mask when they're around other people who aren't around the house. When you meet, you understand that this virus likes to spread from person to person. The closer we are to each other, the more likely it is to spread. The farther we are, the less likely it is to spread. The more barriers we have in between – and a mask is a barrier that prevents these droplets from coming out when we speak, sing, or cough – the more barriers we prevent the virus from spreading.

The last thing you should say to these people is – if you want to open and stay open – you have to be the loudest supporter in the community to wear a mask and do the things that reduce this background transfer rate.

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