Pope says meditation is a means of assembly Christ

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Pope Francis giving his general address in the Library of the Apostolic Palace March 17, 2021 / Vatican Media

At the general audience on Wednesday, Pope Francis continued his series of catecheses on prayer and this week reflected on the concept of meditation.

Although meditation is practiced by followers of almost all religions and even unbelievers, the Pope focused on the “specificity” of meditation in a Christian context, which he insisted “must not be eliminated”. Like any Christian prayer, he said, "Jesus is the great door" of meditation in a Christian context.

For the Christian, he explained, meditation is not simply a means of gaining self-awareness or self-control. Instead, Christians see meditation as an encounter with Jesus Christ. "To a Christian, meditating means looking for meaning," he said. "It means standing before the immeasurable side of Revelation to try to make it our own, provided it is complete … We try to do this every time we meditate on the Word."

Pope Francis acknowledged that there are many different types of meditation, but insisted that different methods "are a way, not the goal". "All are important and worth practicing insofar as they can help make the experience of faith a total act of the person."

Quoting a passage from the Catechism that recommends the Lectio Divina and the Rosary, the Pope said: “Meditation requires thoughts, imagination, emotions and desires. This mobilization of skills is necessary to deepen our beliefs in the faith, to induce the conversion of our hearts, and to strengthen our will to follow Christ. Christian prayer seeks above all to meditate on the mysteries of Christ. "

The Pope went on to say that every aspect of the divinity and humanity of Christ and every moment of his life on earth "can be made present to us by the grace of prayer," with the help of the Holy Spirit. "It is the Holy Spirit who connects us with these mysteries of the life of Christ, so that we can experience prayer in contemplation of Jesus by connecting more closely with him."

For Christians, meditation is “a way to meet Jesus”. And only through the encounter with Jesus, the “Savior of everyone, including me”, can we discover and recognize ourselves.

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