PM Routine units the tone for the inspiring crew at Shazzy Health for the following day – Bible Type

PM Routine units the tone for the inspiring crew at Shazzy Health for the following day

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Years ago I was not a morning person. I relied heavily on my alarm clock and the snooze button. Most days I was late for work and often wore clothes that lacked imagination and flair, even though I had a closet full of stylish clothes. In my hectic shot there was just no time to get up and go out the door. When I got to the office I was grumpy until about 10 or 11. It was an office joke not to bother me until then. But when a new office manager was hired, she wasn't thrilled with my delay and bad attitude. She addressed it during my review and I knew I had to make some changes.

Morning routineA friend suggested that I do a routine at night to be more organized the next day. It has been said that the way you spend the first hour of your morning can set the tone for your day. I have to admit that this was one of the best things I've ever done. Just doing a few things the night before saved me time the next day. A productive morning begins the night before. And over the years I've kept an AM / PM routine. I revise it according to the needs of my life at the time.

Some advantages of a PM routine:

  1. You save time and energy in the morning

  2. You won't be rushing around to get things done

  3. They are better organized and less likely to forget something the next day

My PM routine:

  • I choose my outfit for the next day. I often choose two so I have a choice because the weather in Chicago can be unpredictable. Sometimes my mood changes, too, and something I picked the night before doesn't work the next morning.

  • I'm packing my lunch

  • I check my calendar to prepare for the next day's activities

  • I reorganize and pack my bag

  • I write a diary and write down three things that I am grateful for on that day

With these activities the night before, I can spend the first thirty minutes before I get out of bed out of gratitude. I listen to soft music, meditate, write a diary and pray. This justifies me and prepares me for everything the day may bring. The routine you create must fit your lifestyle. There is no one size fits all. The most important thing is that everything you do is easy for you and saves you time.

Conchetta JonesConchetta Jones, A Shazzy Fitness guest blogger is a certified life coach who specializes in personal development and self-confidence and is the founder and CEO of "She & # 39; s All That!" – a personal development and mentoring organization for girls and owner of Confident Woman She & # 39; s Alll That! – a lifestyle company for women. She loves to motivate and inspire women and girls to step out of the box that society puts them in and to live life on their own terms.

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