Non secular persecution in China elevated through the pandemic

Non secular persecution in China elevated through the pandemic

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Soldiers march in Tiananmen Square before laying a wreath on the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China in Beijing, China on September 30, 2019.(Photo: Reuters / Thomas Peter)

Religious persecution in China intensified in 2020, and thousands of Christians have suffered church closings and other human rights abuses, according to a new report from ChinaAid.

ChinaAid's research into the persecution in China last year documented nine church demolitions carried out by the Chinese Communist Party authorities, affecting more than 5,000 members and participants.

Overall, the CCP authorities persecuted 100% of house churches, the study found. The police called and questioned the chief leader of each church.

Under the direction of Chinese President Xi Jinping, the CCP officials also worked to better control "religion", ordering Christians in official, state, and house churches to raise the Chinese flag and sing patriotic songs in church services . The authorities also directed ministers and priests to "Sinize" sermons or to modify them to conform to the CCP's ideology.

According to the report released this week, the CCP authorities also broke into Christian homes, raided family gatherings, and interfered in parenting decisions. In numerous cases, the authorities sued Christians for homeschooling their children or sending them to church schools.

"ChinaAid's research for 2020 confirms that China's persecution of Christians and those who re-profess the faith has exceeded incidents reported last year," the report said.

"With repressed facts emerging from dark, secret places, the aftermath of the CCP's persecution, like the results of the uncontrolled Covid-19 pandemic, pose a strong, putrid threat to the attention of the outside world."

The group released its annual report to "not only raise awareness of religious persecution in China, but also promote freedom of religion for all."

ChinaAid's findings follow the 2021 annual report of the U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom, which identified China as an outrageous human rights violator, particularly against Christians and Uighur Muslims.

The report notes that the CCP authorities have continued their unprecedented use of advanced surveillance technology to monitor and persecute religious minorities over the past year.

"Although the CCP has suppressed religious freedom for a long time, it has become increasingly anti-religious in recent years," the report said.

The Commission recommended that the US re-designate China as a "Country of Special Interest" (CPC) for systematic, persistent and outrageous violations of religious freedom.

Previous reports show that schools in China have taught children that Christianity is an "evil cult" while learning to oppose religion encourages children to question the beliefs of family members and those closest to them stand to report to the authorities.

USCIRF Commissioner Gary Bauer stated, "Communist China not only denies its citizens basic human rights, including the right to seek and worship God. It is also asserting itself as a new authoritarian model for developing countries around the world. It is actively involved in that Undermining international human rights standards. It uses its growing military power to intimidate and threaten its neighbors. "

Open Doors ranks China 17th on its World Watch List of 50 countries where Christians are most persecuted.

Boyd-MacMillan, director of strategic research at Christian charity Open Doors, recently told Express UK that the CCP is becoming increasingly concerned about the growth of the Christian population and will act against the religion as a result.

"We believe the evidence that the Chinese Church is so focused is that leaders are afraid of the size of the church and the growth of the church," said Boyd-MacMillan.

"And if it grows at the rate it has been since 1980, and that's about 7 (percent) to 8 percent a year, you see a group of people that will be 300 million people strong by nearly 2030. And You know the Chinese leadership, they are really planning for the long term, I mean, their economic plan is until 2049, so that bothers them. Because I think if the church continues to grow like this, they have to share performance. "

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