New E book Releases – Week of Might 4th, 2020

New E book Releases – Week of Might 4th, 2020

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Here are some May 2020 book releases from this week that are worth a visit:

(Wherever possible, we also tried to include a review / interview on each of the new book releases …)

D.L. Mayfield

Prosperity, autonomy, security and power. These are the core values ​​of the American dream. But are they compatible with Jesus' command to love our neighbor as ourselves? In essays grouped around these four values, D. L. Mayfield asks us to pay attention to how they affect our own decisions and how those decisions affect our neighbors. Where do these values ​​come from? How did they fail those on the margins of our society? And how can we free ourselves from our culture's headless pursuit of these values ​​and lead a faithful life in the service of God and our neighbors?

*** READ an excerpt from this book …



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