New E-book Releases – Week of March 30, 2020

New E-book Releases – Week of March 30, 2020

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Here are some March 2020 book releases from this week that are worth a visit:

(Wherever possible, we also tried to include a review / interview on each of the new book releases …)

Analog Church: Why we need real people, places and things in the digital age

Jay Kim

What does it mean to be an analogue church in the digital age? In the past few decades, the digital world has taken over our society at almost every level, and the Church has increasingly followed suit – often in ways we are not familiar with. But since culture in general is beginning to see the limits of a digital world, it's time for the church to take stock. Are online churches, video venues, and brighter lights really the future? What about the effects of the digital age on discipleship, community, and the Bible? As a pastor in Silicon Valley, Jay Kim has experienced the digital church in all its glory. In Analog Church, he explores the impact of a digital church, from our adoration and experience of the Christian community to the way we deal with Scripture and the Sacrament. Could it be that in our efforts to remain relevant in our digital age, we reveal exactly what our age needs most: transcendence? Could it be that the best way to reach new generations is actually in a more timeless way? Could it be that the Church was really analog in her heart all the time?

*** READ an excerpt from this book …


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