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Music of Mercy by Brenda Anderson

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Truth and grace

Song Of Mercy by Brenda Anderson is an adorable contemporary Christian novel based on God. It is part of the Potter & # 39; s House series, but can be read as a separate book.

Once again, Brenda Anderson has created a charming set of characters, all of which are very realistic and have flaws that are easy to identify with.

Worshiping God should be as natural as breathing, but it should not be a public statement. Our motivation for worship should always be to glorify God and not to enlarge us.

Prayer is important. We all need prayer warriors in our lives who can lift us up in times of need. Prayer builds our relationship with God. "Pray about it" … "as if God was listening to me." We may have left God, but He is still waiting to hear from us.

Sometimes we feel overwhelmed in life. "He now knew someone who would listen and understand and who would not be burdened." God wants us to leave our burdens to him and live freely. "Beat yourself up again." We must surrender to God and not be chained to the "anchor of guilt". We have to forgive ourselves and others.

We all have a past. We can not change it. We cannot live in it. We have to learn from the lessons of the past and keep going. "You cannot change the past, but you can learn from it and influence the future." Our past shapes us. "Everyone has a background story that leads to their decisions today."

Our decisions are up to us. If we choose wrong, we always have the opportunity to correct it. "Your decisions were not God's fault … She excluded him because of her shame." God wants to be part of everyone a little bit of our life. He never says: "Clean up your plot and then come to me." God asks us to come as we are and then He will renew us from within.

The truth is vital. We have to live in truth and in love. Do we have friends who lovingly correct us if we deviate from God's path for our lives?

I adore Song Of Mercy. I adore all of Brenda Anderson's novels and can't get enough of them – they all have wonderful, realistic characters who face problems that are relevant to all of us and all need God.

I'll leave you a quote in Amy Carmichael's book:

"Is it true? Is it nice? Is it necessary?"

I got this book for free. A positive rating was not required and all views expressed are my own.


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