Mosaic Life in Items by Chris Aslan

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The familiar sources of life

Mosaic Life In Pieces by Chris Aslan is a wonderful Christian historical novel that will excite and consume you.

It is set in the Middle East during Jesus' time and beyond. Familiar Bible stories come to life, giving both men and women of the Bible fully rounded characters woven into the reader's heart. Although we realize this is a fiction, the characters seem very real. I would recommend reading the Gospels alongside the story to familiarize yourself with the minor characters.

Chris Aslan has a masterful pen. His descriptions of the scenes really bring them to life. The reader can “see” the hazy heat and “feel” the dust and relief when taking a public bath.

It is very relieved when we wash off dirt and dust, but we also need clean hearts. "You can wash me clean, but I'm still full of dirt." We have to deal with ourselves and love others and God as Jesus loved us. When we love, there is no room for hate.

There are divine lessons to be learned. We must love our neighbors and our enemies and we must forgive at all times. "Forgiveness means canceling this debt." We live in freedom even when we forgive.

We witness the tension between the followers of Jesus and the religious leaders. It's relationship against rules. As the persecution ensues, things get very ugly. Families are torn in two. It is the love of Jesus that does not transform any set of rules.

We see that life was difficult. They needed a good harvest or a trade. If you haven't worked, you haven't eaten. When disaster strikes, hostilities are put aside when a community contracts.

A touch from Jesus and the people was healed. In biblical times, sterility was a shame. We see the joy, but also the skepticism of some, when infertility becomes fertile.

In difficult times, it is easy to get desperate and question God. We have to trust him at all times. He will never let us down. "Life is pain. But God is still there." When times look bleak, we can trust that God is still good.

Mosaic Life In Pieces was such a powerful read. I immersed myself in his pages, which seemed very familiar to me, as biblical stories came to life. It was a brilliant book.

I received this book for free. A positive rating was not required and all views expressed are my own.


Chris Aslan
“If you've ever wondered how you would have felt and reacted if you had lived
Palestine and heard stories of a wonderful "teacher" who worked miracles downstairs
Galilee, you will definitely enjoy this book. "
Farifteh V. Robb, author of In the Shadow of the Shahs

After her best friend Sholum is dead and her brother Phanuel is paralyzed, Tabita fights
to imagine how life can go on. To blame Phanuel and his friends for the accident
claimed Sholum's life, Tabita has deep resentments against her brother and even
wishes him dead.
A trip from their little village to the Holy City helps change tabitas
Perspective, especially when encountering an incredible healer known as that
Teacher. Not only does he have the potential to restore her brother, but he does too
Tabita suggests a way to heal her bitter heart.
Will Phanuel go again? Will Tabita ever be able to forgive? Will the teacher escape this?
Catches of the religion teachers who absolutely want to silence him?
That powerful reinterpretation of the Bible story in which a group of friends lowers a
A man paralyzed by a roof will make readers feel like they are right there
the heart of the action.
About the author
Chris Aslan lived in Central Asia for many years. Chris wrote part of memoirs, part
Travelogue with the title "A carpet ride to Khiva": Seven years on the Silk Road, about life in
Uzbekistan and currently gives lectures on textiles, tour guiding through Central Asia and
Studied at Oxford for Anglican ordination.
Praise to Chris Aslan
"Convincing" The Sunday Telegraph
"You hang on to every word" The Independent
"Excellent Readable" Times Literary Supplement
"Highly recommended" One man in the middle

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