Meet our new Shazzy Health Teacher Robin Burch! – Bible Type

Meet our new Shazzy Health Teacher Robin Burch!

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Meet our new Shazzy Fitness Instructor Robin Burch!

I am Robin Burch. I have been an ordained minister of the Word of God for 20 years.

When he called me many years ago to become Minister of Health, I didn't even know what it was then. I felt so inadequate and lacking confidence in myself because I used to be so overweight and unhealthy. I asked him, "Why would you choose me?" I knew there was someone out there who was better qualified and in better shape than me. but no matter what, I couldn't shake it, time didn't remove it from my heart – God had called me to be a minister of health for the body of Christ.

He called me to inspire the body of Christ to bring their temples together. He went on to tell me, "Robin, you need to be ready for the fight." At that point I started a thing called "restoring your temple". I remember being very unhealthy in 2015, weighing almost 300 pounds and having all of my internal organs shut down. I was supposed to have surgery at this time and thought I couldn't do it. I've even written farewell letters to my children and grandchildren. It's good that I broke away from it and in that moment remembered who I was and, above all, who I was; So I put on my gloves and stepped on the rink and I've been fighting ever since!

I repented and God gave me permission to continue on this journey. I know that for me, becoming a Shazzy Fitness Dance Instructor is a very important part of his job!

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