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BIBLEVERS OF THE DAY: Because I am convinced that neither death nor life, nor angels, principalities or powers, nor present things or things to come, nor height or depth or any other created thing can separate us from the love of God, which is Christ Jesus ours in us Mr. (Romans 8: 38-39)

Could God really love someone like me?
By Chris Russell

The big question of today: "Is it possible that God loves someone like me?"

Love is one of the most central attributes of God. Scripture tells us that "God is love" (1 John 4: 8). God's love is clearly shown in his plan for our salvation, which was worked out for us by his only son. God's Word comes from pure love and in this sense is a kind of "love letter" to us. The act of revelation for us is an act of intimate love between the Creator and his creation. The Bible clearly shows us how we can have a relationship with God through Jesus Christ because God loves us (John 3:16).

When I was a younger Christian, I had difficulty understanding God's love for me. I knew about his love, but I didn't really understand the depth of his love for me. That is, I only fully understood this love on December 22, 1993. This was the day my first child was born. When I became a father, I gained a whole new world of understanding of God's love for me. I remember the flood of emotions I felt when I saw my son for the first time. It was an overwhelming experience for me and my heart was full of love for him.

I also remember the moment shortly afterwards when I realized: "Wow, you mean, God loves me so much? I had no idea. "For the first point in my life I got an insight into the depth of God's love for me and found it really amazing.

This new feeling of God's love became a new motivation for my service to him. You see, when you become aware of the depth of God's love, it changes you. It changes the way you want to live your life, the reason why you want to live for him, and the depth of your commitment to him.

The big idea of ​​today: When you become aware of the depth of God's love for you, let this knowledge become the driving force in your obedience to Him.

What to Pray: Pray that God will help you feel His love for you and pray that He will help you respond to His love with total devotion to him.

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